Despina Fragouli
Despina Fragouli
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Magnetically driven floating foams for the removal of oil contaminants from water
P Calcagnile, D Fragouli, IS Bayer, GC Anyfantis, L Martiradonna, ...
ACS nano 6 (6), 5413-5419, 2012
Laser ablation as a versatile tool to mimic polyethylene terephthalate nanoplastic pollutants: characterization and toxicology assessment
D Magrì, P Sánchez-Moreno, G Caputo, F Gatto, M Veronesi, G Bardi, ...
ACS nano 12 (8), 7690-7700, 2018
Water-repellent cellulose fiber networks with multifunctional properties
IS Bayer, D Fragouli, A Attanasio, B Sorce, G Bertoni, R Brescia, ...
ACS applied materials & interfaces 3 (10), 4024-4031, 2011
Solvent resistant superhydrophobic films from self-emulsifying carnauba wax–alcohol emulsions
IS Bayer, D Fragouli, PJ Martorana, L Martiradonna, R Cingolani, ...
Soft Matter 7 (18), 7939-7943, 2011
Dynamical formation of spatially localized arrays of aligned nanowires in plastic films with magnetic anisotropy
D Fragouli, R Buonsanti, G Bertoni, C Sangregorio, C Innocenti, A Falqui, ...
ACS nano 4 (4), 1873-1878, 2010
Low-density polyethylene/curcumin melt extruded composites with enhanced water vapor barrier and antioxidant properties for active food packaging
J Zia, UC Paul, JA Heredia-Guerrero, A Athanassiou, D Fragouli
Polymer 175, 137-145, 2019
Surface modification of polymeric foams for oil spills remediation
J Pinto, A Athanassiou, D Fragouli
Journal of environmental management 206, 872-889, 2018
Effect of the porous structure of polymer foams on the remediation of oil spills
J Pinto, A Athanassiou, D Fragouli
Journal of Physics D: Applied Physics 49 (14), 145601, 2016
Elastomeric nanocomposite foams for the removal of heavy metal ions from water
AA Chavan, H Li, A Scarpellini, S Marras, L Manna, A Athanassiou, ...
ACS Applied Materials & Interfaces 7 (27), 14778-14784, 2015
Acidochromic fibrous polymer composites for rapid gas detection
ME Genovese, E Colusso, M Colombo, A Martucci, A Athanassiou, ...
Journal of materials chemistry A 5 (1), 339-348, 2017
Spatially controlled surface energy traps on superhydrophobic surfaces
A Milionis, D Fragouli, L Martiradonna, GC Anyfantis, PD Cozzoli, ...
ACS applied materials & interfaces 6 (2), 1036-1043, 2014
Magnetic force microscopy and energy loss imaging of superparamagnetic iron oxide nanoparticles
B Torre, G Bertoni, D Fragouli, A Falqui, M Salerno, A Diaspro, ...
Scientific Reports 1 (1), 202, 2011
A clinical study of optical biopsy of the uterine cervix using a multispectral imaging system
IM Orfanoudaki, GC Themelis, SK Sifakis, DH Fragouli, JG Panayiotides, ...
Gynecologic oncology 96 (1), 119-131, 2005
Assessment of human health risks posed by nano-and microplastics is currently not feasible
A Brachner, D Fragouli, IF Duarte, PMA Farias, S Dembski, M Ghosh, ...
International Journal of Environmental Research and Public Health 17 (23), 8832, 2020
Spent Coffee Bioelastomeric Composite Foams for the Removal of Pb2+ and Hg2+ from Water
AA Chavan, J Pinto, I Liakos, IS Bayer, S Lauciello, A Athanassiou, ...
ACS Sustainable Chemistry & Engineering 4 (10), 5495-5502, 2016
Functionalized cellulose networks for efficient oil removal from oil–water emulsions
UC Paul, D Fragouli, IS Bayer, A Athanassiou
Polymers 8 (2), 52, 2016
Electrically conductive and high temperature resistant superhydrophobic composite films from colloidal graphite
IS Bayer, V Caramia, D Fragouli, F Spano, R Cingolani, A Athanassiou
Journal of Materials Chemistry 22 (5), 2057-2062, 2012
Porous pH natural indicators for acidic and basic vapor sensing
J Zia, G Mancini, M Bustreo, A Zych, R Donno, A Athanassiou, D Fragouli
Chemical Engineering Journal 403, 126373, 2021
A highly porous solvent free PVDF/expanded graphite foam for oil/water separation
R Bentini, A Pola, LG Rizzi, A Athanassiou, D Fragouli
Chemical Engineering Journal 372, 1174-1182, 2019
Photoactivated acidochromic elastomeric films for on demand acidic vapor sensing
ME Genovese, A Athanassiou, D Fragouli
Journal of Materials Chemistry A 3 (44), 22441-22447, 2015
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