Andrew R J Marshall
Andrew R J Marshall
Lecturer of Physics, Lancaster University
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Low leakage-current InAsSb nanowire photodetectors on silicon
MD Thompson, A Alhodaib, AP Craig, A Robson, A Aziz, A Krier, ...
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ARJ Marshall, JPR David, CH Tan
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Mid-infrared InAs/InAsSb superlattice nBn photodetector monolithically integrated onto silicon
E Delli, V Letka, PD Hodgson, E Repiso, JP Hayton, AP Craig, Q Lu, ...
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High speed InAs electron avalanche photodiodes overcome the conventional gain-bandwidth product limit
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ARJ Marshall, CH Tan, JPR David, JS Ng, M Hopkinson
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Q Lu, Q Zhuang, A Marshall, M Kesaria, R Beanland, A Krier
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JE Green, WS Loh, ARJ Marshall, BK Ng, RC Tozer, JPR David, ...
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Room-temperature operation of low-voltage, non-volatile, compound-semiconductor memory cells
O Tizno, ARJ Marshall, N Fernández-Delgado, M Herrera, SI Molina, ...
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Room-temperature mid-infrared emission from faceted InAsSb multi quantum wells embedded in InAs nanowires
A Alhodaib, YJ Noori, PJ Carrington, AM Sanchez, MD Thompson, ...
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H Fujita, J James, PJ Carrington, ARJ Marshall, A Krier, MC Wagener, ...
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III-V semiconductor extended short-wave infrared detectors
GR Savich, DE Sidor, X Du, GW Wicks, MC Debnath, TD Mishima, ...
Journal of Vacuum Science & Technology B, Nanotechnology and …, 2017
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