Tatiana Perova
Tatiana Perova
Professor, Department of Electronic and Electrical Engineering, Trinity College Dublin
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Effect of ZnS shell thickness on the phonon spectra in CdSe quantum dots
AV Baranov, YP Rakovich, JF Donegan, TS Perova, RA Moore, ...
Physical Review B 68 (16), 165306, 2003
A simple sol− gel processing for the development of high-temperature stable photoactive anatase titania
SC Padmanabhan, SC Pillai, J Colreavy, S Balakrishnan, DE McCormack, ...
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Fourier transform infrared study of poly (2-hydroxyethyl methacrylate) PHEMA
TS Perova, JK Vij, H Xu
Colloid and Polymer Science 275, 323-332, 1997
Whispering gallery mode emission from a composite system of CdTe nanocrystals and a spherical microcavity
YP Rakovich, L Yang, EM McCabe, JF Donegan, T Perova, A Moore, ...
Semiconductor science and technology 18 (11), 914, 2003
Reinforcement of poly (vinyl chloride) and polystyrene using chlorinated polypropylene grafted carbon nanotubes
R Blake, JN Coleman, MT Byrne, JE McCarthy, TS Perova, WJ Blau, ...
Journal of Materials Chemistry 16 (43), 4206-4213, 2006
Analysis of strain and intermixing in single-layer Ge∕ Si quantum dots using polarized Raman spectroscopy
AV Baranov, AV Fedorov, TS Perova, RA Moore, V Yam, D Bouchier, ...
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The influence of surface structure on the discotic liquid crystalline alignment. An infrared spectroscopy study
TS Perora, PJK Vij
Advanced Materials 7 (11), 919-922, 1995
Composition and strain in thin virtual substrates measured by micro-Raman spectroscopy and x-ray diffraction
TS Perova, J Wasyluk, K Lyutovich, E Kasper, M Oehme, K Rode, ...
Journal of Applied Physics 109 (3), 033502, 2011
Induction of Chirality in Two-Dimensional Nanomaterials: Chiral 2D MoS2 Nanostructures
F Purcell-Milton, R McKenna, LJ Brennan, CP Cullen, L Guillemeney, ...
Acs Nano 12 (2), 954-964, 2018
Controlled Self‐Assembly of Nanocrystals into Polycrystalline Fluorescent Dendrites with Energy‐Transfer Properties
A Sukhanova, AV Baranov, TS Perova, JHM Cohen, I Nabiev
Angewandte Chemie International Edition 45 (13), 2048-2052, 2006
Untangling cooperative effects of pyridinic and graphitic nitrogen sites at metal‐free N‐doped carbon electrocatalysts for the oxygen reduction reaction
JA Behan, E Mates‐Torres, SN Stamatin, C Domínguez, A Iannaci, ...
Small 15 (48), 1902081, 2019
1D photonic crystal fabricated by wet etching of silicon
VA Tolmachev, EV Astrova, JA Pilyugina, TS Perova, RA Moore, JK Vij
Optical Materials 27 (5), 831-835, 2005
Raman investigation of different polytypes in SiC thin films grown by solid-gas phase epitaxy on Si (111) and 6H-SiC substrates
J Wasyluk, TS Perova, SA Kukushkin, AV Osipov, NA Feoktistov, ...
Materials science forum 645, 359-362, 2010
Resonant energy transfer in quantum dots: Frequency-domain luminescent spectroscopy
SY Kruchinin, AV Fedorov, AV Baranov, TS Perova, K Berwick
Physical Review B 78 (12), 125311, 2008
Functionalization of single-walled carbon nanotubes with optically switchable spiropyrans
E Del Canto, K Flavin, M Natali, T Perova, S Giordani
Carbon 48 (10), 2815-2824, 2010
Micro-raman mapping of 3c-sic thin films grown by solid–gas phase epitaxy on si (111)
TS Perova, J Wasyluk, SA Kukushkin, AV Osipov, NA Feoktistov, ...
Nanoscale research letters 5 (9), 1507-1511, 2010
Design criteria and optical characteristics of one-dimensional photonic crystals based on periodically grooved silicon
V Tolmachev, T Perova, K Berwick
Applied optics 42 (28), 5679-5683, 2003
In situ micro-Raman analysis and X-ray diffraction of nickel silicide thin films on silicon
M Bhaskaran, S Sriram, TS Perova, V Ermakov, GJ Thorogood, KT Short, ...
Micron 40 (1), 89-93, 2009
Electrotunable in-plane one-dimensional photonic structure based on silicon and liquid crystal
VA Tolmachev, TS Perova, SA Grudinkin, VA Melnikov, EV Astrova, ...
Applied physics letters 90 (1), 011908, 2007
Vertically etched silicon as 1D photonic crystal
VA Tolmachev, TS Perova, EV Astrova, BZ Volchek, JK Vij
Physica status solidi (a) 197 (2), 544-548, 2003
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