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The tumor suppressor p53 limits ferroptosis by blocking DPP4 activity
Y Xie, S Zhu, X Song, X Sun, Y Fan, J Liu, M Zhong, H Yuan, L Zhang, ...
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Chitosan derivatives and their application in biomedicine
W Wang, Q Meng, Q Li, J Liu, M Zhou, Z Jin, K Zhao
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AMPK-mediated BECN1 phosphorylation promotes ferroptosis by directly blocking system Xc–activity
X Song, S Zhu, P Chen, W Hou, Q Wen, J Liu, Y Xie, J Liu, DJ Klionsky, ...
Current Biology 28 (15), 2388-2399. e5, 2018
Selective autophagy of intracellular organelles: recent research advances
W Li, P He, Y Huang, YF Li, J Lu, M Li, H Kurihara, Z Luo, T Meng, ...
Theranostics 11 (1), 222, 2021
PINK1 and PARK2 suppress pancreatic tumorigenesis through control of mitochondrial iron-mediated immunometabolism
C Li, Y Zhang, X Cheng, H Yuan, S Zhu, J Liu, Q Wen, Y Xie, J Liu, ...
Developmental cell 46 (4), 441-455. e8, 2018
Shikonin exerts antitumor activity via proteasome inhibition and cell death induction in vitro and in vivo
H Yang, P Zhou, H Huang, D Chen, N Ma, QC Cui, S Shen, W Dong, ...
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Shikonin extracted from medicinal Chinese herbs exerts anti-inflammatory effect via proteasome inhibition
L Lu, A Qin, H Huang, P Zhou, C Zhang, N Liu, S Li, G Wen, W Dong, ...
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Impairment of the ubiquitin‐proteasome system in desminopathy mouse hearts
J Liu, Q Chen, W Huang, KM Horak, H Zheng, R Mestril, X Wang
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Intrasarcoplasmic amyloidosis impairs proteolytic function of proteasomes in cardiomyocytes by compromising substrate uptake
Q Chen, JB Liu, KM Horak, H Zheng, ARK Kumarapeli, J Li, F Li, ...
Circulation research 97 (10), 1018-1026, 2005
Clinically used antirheumatic agent auranofin is a proteasomal deubiquitinase inhibitor and inhibits tumor growth
N Liu, X Li, H Huang, C Zhao, S Liao, C Yang, S Liu, W Song, X Lu, X Lan, ...
Oncotarget 5 (14), 5453, 2014
Inhibition of aurora kinase A induces necroptosis in pancreatic carcinoma
Y Xie, S Zhu, M Zhong, M Yang, X Sun, J Liu, G Kroemer, M Lotze, ...
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Physiological levels of ATP negatively regulate proteasome function
H Huang, X Zhang, S Li, N Liu, W Lian, E McDowell, P Zhou, C Zhao, ...
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Gambogic acid induces apoptosis in imatinib-resistant chronic myeloid leukemia cells via inducing proteasome inhibition and caspase-dependent Bcr-Abl downregulation
X Shi, X Chen, X Li, X Lan, C Zhao, S Liu, H Huang, N Liu, S Liao, ...
Clinical Cancer Research 20 (1), 151-163, 2014
A novel transgenic mouse model reveals deregulation of the ubiquitin‐proteasome system in the heart by doxorubicin
ARK Kumarapeli, KM Horak, JW Glasford, J Li, Q Chen, J Liu, H Zheng, ...
The FASEB journal 19 (14), 2051-2053, 2005
Deubiquitinases (DUBs) and DUB inhibitors: a patent review
P Farshi, RR Deshmukh, JO Nwankwo, RT Arkwright, B Cvek, J Liu, ...
Expert opinion on therapeutic patents 25 (10), 1191-1208, 2015
Intracellular HMGB1 as a novel tumor suppressor of pancreatic cancer
R Kang, Y Xie, Q Zhang, W Hou, Q Jiang, S Zhu, J Liu, D Zeng, H Wang, ...
Cell research 27 (7), 916-932, 2017
Perturbation of cullin deneddylation via conditional Csn8 ablation impairs the ubiquitin–proteasome system and causes cardiomyocyte necrosis and dilated cardiomyopathy in mice
H Su, J Li, S Menon, J Liu, AR Kumarapeli, N Wei, X Wang
Circulation research 108 (1), 40-50, 2011
Aberrant protein aggregation is essential for a mutant desmin to impair the proteolytic function of the ubiquitin–proteasome system in cardiomyocytes
J Liu, M Tang, R Mestril, X Wang
Journal of molecular and cellular cardiology 40 (4), 451-454, 2006
Targeting the ubiquitin-proteasome system for cancer treatment: discovering novel inhibitors from nature and drug repurposing
CL Soave, T Guerin, J Liu, QP Dou
Cancer and Metastasis Reviews 36, 717-736, 2017
Proteasome-associated deubiquitinase ubiquitin-specific protease 14 regulates prostate cancer proliferation by deubiquitinating and stabilizing androgen receptor
Y Liao, N Liu, X Hua, J Cai, X Xia, X Wang, H Huang, J Liu
Cell death & disease 8 (2), e2585-e2585, 2017
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