Zoe Waller
Zoe Waller
Ostala imenaZoё Waller
Associate Professor in Drug Discovery, School of Pharmacy, UCL
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i-Motif DNA: structure, stability and targeting with ligands
HA Day, P Pavlou, ZAE Waller
Bioorganic & medicinal chemistry 22 (16), 4407-4418, 2014
Identification of multiple genomic DNA sequences which form i-motif structures at neutral pH
EP Wright, JL Huppert, ZAE Waller
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Silver cations fold i-motif at neutral pH
HA Day, C Huguin, ZAE Waller
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G-Quadruplex-Binding Benzo[a]phenoxazines Down-Regulate c-KIT Expression in Human Gastric Carcinoma Cells
KIE McLuckie, ZAE Waller, DA Sanders, D Alves, R Rodriguez, J Dash, ...
Journal of the American Chemical Society 133 (8), 2658-2663, 2011
A small molecule that disrupts G-quadruplex DNA structure and enhances gene expression
ZAE Waller, SA Sewitz, STD Hsu, S Balasubramanian
Journal of the American Chemical Society 131 (35), 12628-12633, 2009
G-quadruplex structures trigger RNA phase separation
Y Zhang, M Yang, S Duncan, X Yang, MAS Abdelhamid, L Huang, ...
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DNA G-quadruplex and i-motif structure formation is interdependent in human cells
JJ King, KL Irving, CW Evans, RV Chikhale, R Becker, CJ Morris, ...
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Mitoxantrone and analogues bind and stabilize i-motif forming DNA sequences
EP Wright, HA Day, AM Ibrahim, J Kumar, LJE Boswell, C Huguin, ...
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Common G-quadruplex binding agents found to interact with i-motif-forming DNA: Unexpected multi-target-directed compounds
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Frontiers in Chemistry 6, 281, 2018
Synthesis and Binding Studies of Novel Diethynyl‐Pyridine Amides with Genomic Promoter DNA G‐Quadruplexes
J Dash, ZAE Waller, GD Pantoş, S Balasubramanian
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Triarylpyridines: a versatile small molecule scaffold for G-quadruplex recognition
ZAE Waller, PS Shirude, R Rodriguez, S Balasubramanian
Chemical communications, 1467-1469, 2008
Cytotoxicity of Pyrazine-Based Cyclometalated (C^Npz^C)Au(III) Carbene Complexes: Impact of the Nature of the Ancillary Ligand on the Biological Properties
B Bertrand, J Fernandez-Cestau, J Angulo, MMD Cominetti, ZAE Waller, ...
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Redox-dependent control of i-Motif DNA structure using copper cations
MAS Abdelhamid, L Fábián, CJ MacDonald, MR Cheesman, AJ Gates, ...
Nucleic Acids Research 46 (12), 5886-5893, 2018
Identification of new DNA i-motif binding ligands through a fluorescent intercalator displacement assay
Q Sheng, JC Neaverson, T Mahmoud, CEM Stevenson, SE Matthews, ...
Organic & Biomolecular Chemistry 15 (27), 5669-5673, 2017
Reversible DNA i-motif to hairpin switching induced by copper (II) cations
HA Day, EP Wright, CJ MacDonald, AJ Gates, ZAE Waller
Chemical communications 51 (74), 14099-14102, 2015
Cyclometallated Au(iii) dithiocarbamate complexes: synthesis, anticancer evaluation and mechanistic studies
MRM Williams, B Bertrand, DL Hughes, ZAE Waller, C Schmidt, I Ott, ...
Metallomics 10 (11), 1655-1666, 2018
Control of bacterial nitrate assimilation by stabilization of G-quadruplex DNA
ZAE Waller, BJ Pinchbeck, BS Buguth, TG Meadows, DJ Richardson, ...
Chemical Communications 52 (92), 13511-13514, 2016
Epigenetic modification of cytosines fine tunes the stability of i-motif DNA
EP Wright, MAS Abdelhamid, MO Ehiabor, MC Grigg, K Irving, NM Smith, ...
Nucleic Acids Research 48 (1), 55-62, 2020
A small molecule that induces assembly of a four way DNA junction at low temperature
LA Howell, ZAE Waller, R Bowater, M O'Connell, M Searcey
Chemical Communications 47 (29), 8262-8264, 2011
A gold (III) pincer ligand scaffold for the synthesis of binuclear and bioconjugated complexes: synthesis and anticancer potential
B Bertrand, MA O'Connell, ZAE Waller, M Bochmann
Chemistry–A European Journal 24 (14), 3613-3622, 2018
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