Mehmet Egilmez
Mehmet Egilmez
American University of Sharjah, Department of Physics
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Functional metal oxides: new science and novel applications
SB Ogale, TV Venkatesan, M Blamire
John Wiley & Sons, 2013
Intrinsic Paramagnetic Meissner Effect Due to -Wave Odd-Frequency Superconductivity
A Di Bernardo, Z Salman, XL Wang, M Amado, M Egilmez, MG Flokstra, ...
Physical Review X 5 (4), 041021, 2015
Inverse barocaloric effects in ferroelectric BaTiO3 ceramics
E Stern-Taulats, P Lloveras, M Barrio, E Defay, M Egilmez, A Planes, ...
APL Materials 4 (9), 2016
Anisotropic magnetoresistance in perovskite manganites
M Egilmez, KH Chow, JA Jung
Modern Physics Letters B 25 (10), 697-722, 2011
Evidence for anisotropic triplet superconductor order parameter in half-metallic ferromagnetic LaCaMnO proximity coupled to superconducting PrCeCuO
Y Kalcheim, O Millo, M Egilmez, JWA Robinson, MG Blamire
Physical Review B 85 (10), 104504, 2012
Supercurrent enhancement in Bloch domain walls
JWA Robinson, F Chiodi, M Egilmez, GB Halász, MG Blamire
Scientific Reports 2 (1), 699, 2012
Dramatic strain induced modification of the low field anisotropic magnetoresistance in ultrathin manganite films
M Egilmez, MM Saber, AI Mansour, R Ma, KH Chow, J Jung
Applied Physics Letters 93 (18), 2008
Magnetoresistive anisotropy and magnetoresistivity in strained films near the metal-insulator transition
M Egilmez, R Patterson, KH Chow, J Jung
Applied physics letters 90 (23), 232506, 2007
Quench-disorder-controlled magnetoresistance in Sm0. 55Sr0. 45MnO3
M Egilmez, KH Chow, J Jung, Z Salman
Applied physics letters 90 (16), 2007
Magnetic field dependence of the proximity-induced triplet superconductivity at ferromagnet/superconductor interfaces
Y Kalcheim, I Felner, O Millo, T Kirzhner, G Koren, A Di Bernardo, ...
Physical Review B 89 (18), 180506, 2014
Metal-insulator transition, specific heat, and grain-boundary-induced disorder in Sm0. 55Sr0. 45MnO3
M Egilmez, KH Chow, J Jung, I Fan, AI Mansour, Z Salman
Applied Physics Letters 92 (13), 2008
Evolution of Curie-Weiss behavior and cluster formation temperatures in Ru-doped Sm 0.55 Sr 0.45 MnO 3 manganites
MM Saber, M Egilmez, AI Mansour, I Fan, KH Chow, J Jung
Physical Review B 82 (17), 172401, 2010
Carrier density modulation by structural distortions at modified LaAlO3/SrTiO3 interfaces
F Schoofs, MA Carpenter, ME Vickers, M Egilmez, T Fix, JE Kleibeuker, ...
Journal of Physics: Condensed Matter 25 (17), 175005, 2013
Percolative model of the effect of disorder on the resistive peak broadening in La2∕ 3Ca1∕ 3MnO3 near the metal-insulator transition
M Egilmez, KH Chow, J Jung
Applied Physics Letters 92 (16), 2008
Correlation of structural phase transition and electrical transport properties of manganite films on SrTiO 3
M Egilmez, MM Saber, I Fan, KH Chow, J Jung
Physical Review B 78 (17), 172405, 2008
Nanopillar spin filter tunnel junctions with manganite barriers
B Prasad, M Egilmez, F Schoofs, T Fix, ME Vickers, W Zhang, J Jian, ...
Nano letters 14 (5), 2789-2793, 2014
Enhancement of the magnetotransport and magnetoresistive anisotropy in Sm0. 55Sr0. 45MnO3/Nd0. 55Sr0. 45MnO3 bilayers
M Egilmez, M Abdelhadi, Z Salman, KH Chow, J Jung
Applied Physics Letters 95 (11), 2009
Impact of structural transitions on electron transport at LaAlO3/SrTiO3 heterointerfaces
F Schoofs, M Egilmez, T Fix, JL MacManus-Driscoll, MG Blamire
Applied Physics Letters 100 (8), 2012
A brief review on fruit and vegetable extracts as corrosion inhibitors in acidic environments
NO Eddy, UJ Ibok, R Garg, R Garg, A Iqbal, M Amin, F Mustafa, M Egilmez, ...
Molecules 27 (9), 2991, 2022
The anisotropic magnetoresistance in epitaxial thin films and polycrystalline samples of La0. 65Ca0. 35MnO3
M Egilmez, R Ma, KH Chow, J Jung
Journal of Applied Physics 105 (7), 2009
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