Megan T. Baldridge, MD, PhD
Megan T. Baldridge, MD, PhD
Washington University School of Medicine
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Disease-specific alterations in the enteric virome in inflammatory bowel disease
JM Norman, SA Handley, MT Baldridge, L Droit, CY Liu, BC Keller, ...
Cell 160 (3), 447-460, 2015
Quiescent haematopoietic stem cells are activated by IFN-γ in response to chronic infection
MT Baldridge, KY King, NC Boles, DC Weksberg, MA Goodell
Nature 465 (7299), 793-797, 2010
Commensal microbes and interferon-λ determine persistence of enteric murine norovirus infection
MT Baldridge, TJ Nice, BT McCune, CC Yokoyama, A Kambal, ...
Science 347 (6219), 266-269, 2015
Inflammatory signals regulate hematopoietic stem cells
MT Baldridge, KY King, MA Goodell
Trends in immunology 32 (2), 57-65, 2011
Mouse microbiota models: comparing germ-free mice and antibiotics treatment as tools for modifying gut bacteria
EA Kennedy, KY King, MT Baldridge
Frontiers in physiology 9, 1534, 2018
Altered virome and bacterial microbiome in human immunodeficiency virus-associated acquired immunodeficiency syndrome
CL Monaco, DB Gootenberg, G Zhao, SA Handley, MS Ghebremichael, ...
Cell host & microbe 19 (3), 311-322, 2016
Interferon-λ cures persistent murine norovirus infection in the absence of adaptive immunity
TJ Nice, MT Baldridge, BT McCune, JM Norman, HM Lazear, M Artyomov, ...
Science 347 (6219), 269-273, 2015
Hematopoietic fingerprints: an expression database of stem cells and their progeny
SM Chambers, NC Boles, KYK Lin, MP Tierney, TV Bowman, SB Bradfute, ...
Cell stem cell 1 (5), 578-591, 2007
Discovery of a proteinaceous cellular receptor for a norovirus
RC Orchard, CB Wilen, JG Doench, MT Baldridge, BT McCune, YCJ Lee, ...
Science 353 (6302), 933-936, 2016
Vertically transmitted faecal IgA levels determine extra-chromosomal phenotypic variation
C Moon, MT Baldridge, MA Wallace, CAD Burnham, HW Virgin, ...
Nature 521 (7550), 90-93, 2015
Antibiotics impair murine hematopoiesis by depleting the intestinal microbiota
KS Josefsdottir, MT Baldridge, CS Kadmon, KY King
Blood, The Journal of the American Society of Hematology 129 (6), 729-739, 2017
Tropism for tuft cells determines immune promotion of norovirus pathogenesis
CB Wilen, S Lee, LL Hsieh, RC Orchard, C Desai, BL Hykes Jr, ...
Science 360 (6385), 204-208, 2018
Expression of Ifnlr1 on Intestinal Epithelial Cells Is Critical to the Antiviral Effects of Interferon Lambda against Norovirus and Reovirus
MT Baldridge, S Lee, JJ Brown, N McAllister, K Urbanek, TS Dermody, ...
Journal of virology 91 (7), e02079-16, 2017
An Arabidopsis basic helix-loop-helix leucine zipper protein modulates metal homeostasis and auxin conjugate responsiveness
RA Rampey, AW Woodward, BN Hobbs, MP Tierney, B Lahner, DE Salt, ...
Genetics 174 (4), 1841-1857, 2006
A stem-cell-derived platform enables complete Cryptosporidium development in vitro and genetic tractability
G Wilke, LJ Funkhouser-Jones, Y Wang, S Ravindran, Q Wang, WL Beatty, ...
Cell host & microbe 26 (1), 123-134. e8, 2019
Segmented filamentous bacteria prevent and cure rotavirus infection
Z Shi, J Zou, Z Zhang, X Zhao, J Noriega, B Zhang, C Zhao, H Ingle, ...
Cell 179 (3), 644-658. e13, 2019
Paneth cell defects in Crohn’s disease patients promote dysbiosis
TC Liu, B Gurram, MT Baldridge, R Head, V Lam, C Luo, Y Cao, ...
JCI insight 1 (8), 2016
Homeostatic Control of Innate Lung Inflammation by Vici Syndrome Gene Epg5 and Additional Autophagy Genes Promotes Influenza Pathogenesis
Q Lu, CC Yokoyama, JW Williams, MT Baldridge, X Jin, B DesRochers, ...
Cell host & microbe 19 (1), 102-113, 2016
Irgm1 protects hematopoietic stem cells by negative regulation of IFN signaling
KY King, MT Baldridge, DC Weksberg, SM Chambers, GL Lukov, S Wu, ...
Blood, The Journal of the American Society of Hematology 118 (6), 1525-1533, 2011
Viral complementation of immunodeficiency confers protection against enteric pathogens via interferon-λ
H Ingle, S Lee, T Ai, A Orvedahl, R Rodgers, G Zhao, M Sullender, ...
Nature microbiology 4 (7), 1120-1128, 2019
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