I.S. Jawahir
I.S. Jawahir
James F. Hardymon Chair in Manufacturing Systems and Professor of Mechanical Engineering
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Sustainable manufacturing: Modeling and optimization challenges at the product, process and system levels
AD Jayal, F Badurdeen, OW Dillon Jr, IS Jawahir
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Surface integrity in material removal processes: Recent advances
IS Jawahir, E Brinksmeier, R M'saoubi, DK Aspinwall, JC Outeiro, ...
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Recent advances in modelling of metal machining processes
PJ Arrazola, T Özel, D Umbrello, M Davies, IS Jawahir
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Technological elements of circular economy and the principles of 6R-based closed-loop material flow in sustainable manufacturing
IS Jawahir, R Bradley
Procedia Cirp 40, 103-108, 2016
Size effects in manufacturing of metallic components
F Vollertsen, D Biermann, HN Hansen, IS Jawahir, K Kuzman
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Present situation and future trends in modelling of machining operations progress report of the CIRP Working Group ‘Modelling of Machining Operations’
CA Van Luttervelt, THC Childs, IS Jawahir, F Klocke, PK Venuvinod, ...
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Cryogenic manufacturing processes
IS Jawahir, H Attia, D Biermann, J Duflou, F Klocke, D Meyer, ST Newman, ...
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A review of engineering research in sustainable manufacturing
KR Haapala, F Zhao, J Camelio, JW Sutherland, SJ Skerlos, DA Dornfeld, ...
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Recent developments in chip control research and applications
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A review of surface integrity in machining and its impact on functional performance and life of machined products
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Surface integrity in cryogenic machining of nickel based alloy—Inconel 718
F Pusavec, H Hamdi, J Kopac, IS Jawahir
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Tool-wear mechanisms in hard turning with polycrystalline cubic boron nitride tools
G Poulachon, A Moisan, IS Jawahir
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Grain refined and basal textured surface produced by burnishing for improved corrosion performance of AZ31B Mg alloy
Z Pu, GL Song, S Yang, JC Outeiro, OW Dillon Jr, DA Puleo, IS Jawahir
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Cryogenic machining-induced surface integrity: a review and comparison with dry, MQL, and flood-cooled machining
Y Kaynak, T Lu, IS Jawahir
Machining Science and Technology 18 (2), 149-198, 2014
Analysis of residual stresses induced by dry turning of difficult-to-machine materials
JC Outeiro, JC Pina, R M'saoubi, F Pusavec, IS Jawahir
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Surface integrity characterization and prediction in machining of hardened and difficult-to-machine alloys: a state-of-art research review and analysis
YB Guo, W Li, IS Jawahir
Machining Science and Technology 13 (4), 437-470, 2009
Tool-wear analysis in cryogenic machining of NiTi shape memory alloys: A comparison of tool-wear performance with dry and MQL machining
Y Kaynak, HE Karaca, RD Noebe, IS Jawahir
Wear 306 (1-2), 51-63, 2013
Enhanced surface integrity of AZ31B Mg alloy by cryogenic machining towards improved functional performance of machined components
Z Pu, JC Outeiro, AC Batista, OW Dillon Jr, DA Puleo, IS Jawahir
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Total life-cycle considerations in product design for sustainability: A framework for comprehensive evaluation
IS Jawahir, OW Dillon, KE Rouch, KJ Joshi, A Venkatachalam, IH Jaafar
Proceedings of the 10th international research/expert conference, Barcelona …, 2006
The effects of cooling conditions on surface integrity in machining of Ti6Al4V alloy
G Rotella, OW Dillon, D Umbrello, L Settineri, IS Jawahir
The International Journal of Advanced Manufacturing Technology 71, 47-55, 2014
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