Martina Smolic
Martina Smolic
Professor, University of Osijek, Faculty of Dental Medicine and Health, Faculty of Medicine
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Peptic ulcer disease: a brief review of conventional therapy and herbal treatment options
L Kuna, J Jakab, R Smolic, N Raguz-Lucic, A Vcev, M Smolic
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Hepatitis C virus, insulin resistance, and steatosis
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Models of drug induced liver injury (DILI)–current issues and future perspectives
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HCV extrahepatic manifestations
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Renal benefits of SGLT 2 inhibitors and GLP-1 receptor agonists: evidence supporting a paradigm shift in the medical management of type 2 diabetes
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Prevalence of metabolic syndrome in the interior of Croatia: the Baranja region
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Collegium antropologicum 32 (3), 659-665, 2008
Implementation of Elastography Score and Strain Ratio in Combination with B-Mode Ultrasound Avoids Unnecessary Biopsies of Breast Lesions
GI Kristina Bojanic'Correspondence informationKristina Bojanic , Natasa ...
Ultrasound in Medicine and Biology (UMB) 43 (4), 804-816, 2017
Psoriasis severity—a risk factor of insulin resistance independent of metabolic syndrome
MV Polic, M Miskulin, M Smolic, K Kralik, I Miskulin, MC Berkovic, ...
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Association of nephrolithiasis and gene for glucose transporter type 9 (SLC2A9): study of 145 patients
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Antioxidant pre-treatment reduces the toxic effects of oxalate on renal epithelial cells in a cell culture model of urolithiasis
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Potential role of RNAi in the treatment of HCV infection
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Biochemical bone turnover markers: significance in patients with osteoporosis
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Mechanisms of hepatic cholestatic drug injury
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Comprehensive Review of Knee Osteoarthritis Pharmacological Treatment and the Latest Professional Societies’ Guidelines
D Primorac, V Molnar, V Matišić, D Hudetz, Ž Jeleč, E Rod, F Čukelj, ...
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Urolithiasis and osteoporosis: clinical relevance and therapeutic implications
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Potential applications of siRNA in hepatitis C virus therapy.
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Positional effects and strand preference of RNA interference against hepatitis C virus target sequences
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Obesity paradox in chronic liver diseases: Product of bias or a real thing?
IB Curcic, MC Berkovic, L Kuna, H Roguljic, R Smolic, SC Varzic, LV Jukic, ...
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Hypothyroidism and nonalcoholic fatty liver disease: pathophysiological associations and therapeutic implications
T Kizivat, I Maric, D Mudri, IB Curcic, D Primorac, M Smolic
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Exploring association of breast pain, pregnancy, and body mass index with breast tissue elasticity in healthy women: glandular and fat differences
M Dzoic Dominkovic, G Ivanac, K Bojanic, K Kralik, M Smolic, E Divjak, ...
Diagnostics 10 (6), 393, 2020
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