Mohit Randeria
Mohit Randeria
Professor, Physics Department, Ohio State University
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Spectroscopic evidence for a pseudogap in the normal state of underdoped high-Tc superconductors
H. Ding, T. Yokoya, J.C. Campuzano, T. Takahashi, M. Randeria, M.R. Norman ...
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M Randeria
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H Ding, JC Campuzano, AF Bellman, T Yokoya, MR Norman, M Randeria, ...
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H Ding, MR Norman, T Yokoya, T Takeuchi, M Randeria, JC Campuzano, ...
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Electronic Excitations in : Fermi Surface, Dispersion, and Absence of Bilayer Splitting
H Ding, AF Bellman, JC Campuzano, M Randeria, MR Norman, T Yokoya, ...
Physical review letters 76 (9), 1533, 1996
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