Miloš Mojović
Miloš Mojović
Full Professor
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European contribution to the study of ROS: A summary of the findings and prospects for the future from the COST action BM1203 (EU-ROS)
J Egea, I Fabregat, YM Frapart, P Ghezzi, A Görlach, T Kietzmann, ...
Redox biology 13, 94-162, 2017
Anti-cancer effects of cerium oxide nanoparticles and its intracellular redox activity
M Pešić, A Podolski-Renić, S Stojković, B Matović, D Zmejkoski, V Kojić, ...
Chemico-biological interactions 232, 85-93, 2015
Further in vitro evaluation of antiradical and antimicrobial activities of phytol
B Pejin, A Savic, M Sokovic, J Glamoclija, A Ciric, M Nikolic, K Radotic, ...
Natural Product Research 28 (6), 372-376, 2014
Silicon ameliorates manganese toxicity in cucumber by decreasing hydroxyl radical accumulation in the leaf apoplast
J Dragišić Maksimović, M Mojović, V Maksimović, V Römheld, M Nikolic
Journal of Experimental Botany 63 (7), 2411-2420, 2012
Synthesis and characterization of self-assembled polyaniline nanotubes/silica nanocomposites
G Ciric-Marjanovic, L Dragicevic, M Milojevic, M Mojovic, S Mentus, ...
The Journal of Physical Chemistry B 113 (20), 7116-7127, 2009
Spin-trapping of oxygen free radicals in chemical and biological systems: New traps, radicals and possibilities
G Bačić, I Spasojević, B Šećerov, M Mojović
Spectrochimica Acta Part A: Molecular and Biomolecular Spectroscopy 69 (5 …, 2008
Chemical composition and biological activity of Gaultheria procumbens L. essential oil
M Nikolić, T Marković, M Mojović, B Pejin, A Savić, T Perić, D Marković, ...
Industrial crops and products 49, 561-567, 2013
Antioxidative mechanisms in chlorogenic acid
J Tošović, S Marković, JMD Marković, M Mojović, D Milenković
Food chemistry 237, 390-398, 2017
Zinc‐induced oxidative stress in Verbascum thapsus is caused by an accumulation of reactive oxygen species and quinhydrone in the cell wall
F Morina, L Jovanovic, M Mojovic, M Vidovic, D Pankovic, ...
Physiologia plantarum 140 (3), 209-224, 2010
Generation of hydroxyl radical in isolated pea root cell wall, and the role of cell wall-bound peroxidase, Mn-SOD and phenolics in their production
B Kukavica, M Mojović, Ž Vucčinić, V Maksimović, U Takahama, ...
Plant and Cell Physiology 50 (2), 304-317, 2009
Flavonolignan 2, 3-dehydroderivatives: Preparation, antiradical and cytoprotective activity
M Pyszková, M Biler, D Biedermann, K Valentová, M Kuzma, J Vrba, ...
Free radical biology and Medicine 90, 114-125, 2016
New and highly potent antitumor natural products from marine-derived fungi: Covering the period from 2003 to 2012
B Pejin, K K Jovanovic, M Mojovic, A G Savic
Current topics in medicinal chemistry 13 (21), 2745-2766, 2013
Evaluation of antioxidant capacity of Allium ursinum L. volatile oil and its effect on membrane fluidity
D Gođevac, L Vujisić, M Mojović, A Ignjatović, I Spasojević, V Vajs
Food chemistry 107 (4), 1692-1700, 2008
Relevance of the capacity of phosphorylated fructose to scavenge the hydroxyl radical
I Spasojević, M Mojović, D Blagojević, SD Spasić, DR Jones, ...
Carbohydrate research 344 (1), 80-84, 2009
Role of fructose in the adaptation of plants to cold-induced oxidative stress
J Bogdanović, M Mojović, N Milosavić, A Mitrović, Ž Vučinić, I Spasojević
European Biophysics Journal 37, 1241-1246, 2008
Synthesis and characterization of conducting self-assembled polyaniline nanotubes/zeolite nanocomposite
G Ciric-Marjanovic, V Dondur, M Milojevic, M Mojovic, S Mentus, ...
Langmuir 25 (5), 3122-3131, 2009
Antiradical activity of delphinidin, pelargonidin and malvin towards hydroxyl and nitric oxide radicals: The energy requirements calculations as a prediction of the possible …
JMD Marković, B Pejin, D Milenković, D Amić, N Begović, M Mojović, ...
Food Chemistry 218, 440-446, 2017
EPR spin trapping of oxygen radicals in plants: a methodological overview
G BAČIĆ, M Mojović
Annals of the New York Academy of Sciences 1048 (1), 230-243, 2005
Oxygen radicals produced by plant plasma membranes: an EPR spin-trap study
M Mojović, M Vuletić, GG Bačić, Ž Vučinić
Journal of experimental botany 55 (408), 2523-2531, 2004
Energy requirements of the reactions of kaempferol and selected radical species in different media: towards the prediction of the possible radical scavenging mechanisms
JM Dimitrić Marković, D Milenković, D Amić, A Popović-Bijelić, M Mojović, ...
Structural chemistry 25, 1795-1804, 2014
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