Miguel Torres
Miguel Torres
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Pax-2 controls multiple steps of urogenital development
M Torres, E Gómez-Pardo, GR Dressler, P Gruss
Development 121 (12), 4057-4065, 1995
The Pax4 gene is essential for differentiation of insulin-producing β cells in the mammalian pancreas
B Sosa-Pineda, K Chowdhury, M Torres, G Oliver, P Gruss
Nature Publishing Group 386 (6623), 399-402, 1997
Pax2 contributes to inner ear patterning and optic nerve trajectory
M Torres, E Gómez-Pardo, P Gruss
Development 122 (11), 3381-3391, 1996
Extensive scar formation and regression during heart regeneration after cryoinjury in zebrafish
JM González-Rosa, V Martín, M Peralta, M Torres, N Mercader
Development 138 (9), 1663-1674, 2011
Epithelial-to-Mesenchymal and Endothelial-to-Mesenchymal Transition From Cardiovascular Development to Disease
JC Kovacic, N Mercader, M Torres, M Boehm, V Fuster
Circulation 125 (14), 1795-1808, 2012
A network of macrophages supports mitochondrial homeostasis in the heart
JA Nicolás-Ávila, AV Lechuga-Vieco, L Esteban-Martínez, ...
Cell 183 (1), 94-109. e23, 2020
Dysgenesis of cephalic neural crest derivatives in Pax7−/− mutant mice
A Mansouri, A Stoykova, M Torres, P Gruss
Development 122 (3), 831-838, 1996
The development of the vertebrate inner ear
M Torres, F Giráldez
Mechanisms of development 71 (1), 5-21, 1998
Myc-driven endogenous cell competition in the early mammalian embryo
C Clavería, G Giovinazzo, R Sierra, M Torres
Nature 500 (7460), 39-44, 2013
Opposing RA and FGF signals control proximodistal vertebrate limb development through regulation of Meis genes
N Mercader, E Leonardo, ME Piedra, C Martinez-A, MA Ros, M Torres
Development 127 (18), 3961-3970, 2000
Conserved regulation of proximodistal limb axis development by Meis1/Hth
N Mercader, E Leonardo, N Azpiazu, A Serrano, G Morata, C Martínez-A, ...
Nature 402 (6760), 425-429, 1999
Targeted mutation of the murine goosecoid gene results in craniofacial defects and neonatal death
G Yamada, A Mansouri, M Torres, ET Stuart, M Blum, M Schultz, ...
Development 121 (9), 2917-2922, 1995
The homeodomain protein Meis1 is essential for definitive hematopoiesis and vascular patterning in the mouse embryo
V Azcoitia, M Aracil, C Martínez-A, M Torres
Developmental biology 280 (2), 307-320, 2005
An α-E-catenin gene trap mutation defines its function in preimplantation development
M Torres, A Stoykova, O Huber, K Chowdhury, P Bonaldo, A Mansouri, ...
Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences 94 (3), 901-906, 1997
CCR6-deficient mice have impaired leukocyte homeostasis and altered contact hypersensitivity and delayed-type hypersensitivity responses
R Varona, R Villares, L Carramolino, Í Goya, Á Zaballos, J Gutiérrez, ...
The Journal of clinical investigation 107 (6), R37-R45, 2001
SOCS3: an essential regulator of LIF receptor signaling in trophoblast giant cell differentiation
Y Takahashi, N Carpino, JC Cross, M Torres, E Parganas, JN Ihle
The EMBO journal 22 (3), 372-384, 2003
Ezh1 is required for hematopoietic stem cell maintenance and prevents senescence-like cell cycle arrest
I Hidalgo, A Herrera-Merchan, JM Ligos, L Carramolino, J Nuñez, ...
Cell stem cell 11 (5), 649-662, 2012
Control of retinal ganglion cell axon growth: a new role for Sonic hedgehog
F Trousse, E Martí, P Gruss, M Torres, P Bovolenta
Development 128 (20), 3927-3936, 2001
Identification of the vertebrate Iroquois homeobox gene family with overlapping expression during early development of the nervous system
A Bosse, A Zülch, MB Becker, M Torres, JL Gómez-Skarmeta, J Modolell, ...
Mechanisms of development 69 (1), 169-181, 1997
Antagonism between extradenticle function and Hedgehog signalling in the developing limb
S González-Crespo, M Abu-Shaar, M Torres, C Martínez-A, RS Mann, ...
Nature 394 (6689), 196-200, 1998
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