vidya madhavan
vidya madhavan
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Tunneling into a single magnetic atom: spectroscopic evidence of the Kondo resonance
V Madhavan, W Chen, T Jamneala, MF Crommie, NS Wingreen
Science 280 (5363), 567-569, 1998
A Four Unit Cell Periodic Pattern of Quasi-Particle States Surrounding Vortex Cores in Bi2Sr2CaCu2O8+δ
JE Hoffman, EW Hudson, KM Lang, V Madhavan, H Eisaki, S Uchida, ...
Science 295 (5554), 466-469, 2002
Imaging the granular structure of high-Tc superconductivity in underdoped Bi2Sr2CaCu2O8+δ
KM Lang, V Madhavan, JE Hoffman, EW Hudson, H Eisaki, S Uchida, ...
Nature 415 (6870), 412-416, 2002
Interplay of magnetism and high-Tc superconductivity at individual Ni impurity atoms in Bi2Sr2CaCu2O8+δ
EW Hudson, KM Lang, V Madhavan, SH Pan, H Eisaki, S Uchida, ...
Nature 411 (6840), 920-924, 2001
Scanning tunneling microscopy observation of an electronic superlattice at the surface of clean gold
W Chen, V Madhavan, T Jamneala, MF Crommie
Physical Review Letters 80 (7), 1469, 1998
Observation of Dirac node formation and mass acquisition in a topological crystalline insulator
Y Okada, M Serbyn, H Lin, D Walkup, W Zhou, C Dhital, M Neupane, S Xu, ...
Science 341 (6153), 1496-1499, 2013
Local spectroscopy of a Kondo impurity: Co on Au (111)
V Madhavan, W Chen, T Jamneala, MF Crommie, NS Wingreen
Physical Review B 64 (16), 165412, 2001
Kondo response of a single antiferromagnetic chromium trimer
T Jamneala, V Madhavan, MF Crommie
Physical review letters 87 (25), 256804, 2001
Chiral superconductivity in heavy-fermion metal UTe2
L Jiao, S Howard, S Ran, Z Wang, JO Rodriguez, M Sigrist, Z Wang, ...
Nature 579 (7800), 523-527, 2020
Direct observation of broken time-reversal symmetry on the surface of a magnetically doped topological insulator
Y Okada, C Dhital, W Zhou, ED Huemiller, H Lin, S Basak, A Bansil, ...
Physical Review Letters 106 (20), 206805, 2011
Disappearance of the Kondo resonance for atomically fabricated cobalt dimers
W Chen, T Jamneala, V Madhavan, MF Crommie
Physical Review B 60 (12), R8529, 1999
Unique Gap Structure and Symmetry of the Charge Density Wave in Single-Layer
P Chen, WW Pai, YH Chan, V Madhavan, MY Chou, SK Mo, AV Fedorov, ...
Physical review letters 121 (19), 196402, 2018
Coexistence of Competing Orders with Two Energy Gaps in Real and Momentum Space in the High Temperature Superconductor
JH Ma, ZH Pan, FC Niestemski, M Neupane, YM Xu, P Richard, ...
Physical Review Letters 101 (20), 207002, 2008
Evidence for dispersing 1D Majorana channels in an iron-based superconductor
Z Wang, JO Rodriguez, L Jiao, S Howard, M Graham, GD Gu, TL Hughes, ...
Science 367 (6473), 104-108, 2020
Scanning tunneling spectroscopy of transition-metal impurities at the surface of gold
T Jamneala, V Madhavan, W Chen, MF Crommie
Physical Review B 61 (15), 9990, 2000
Dirac mass generation from crystal symmetry breaking on the surfaces of topological crystalline insulators
I Zeljkovic, Y Okada, M Serbyn, R Sankar, D Walkup, W Zhou, J Liu, ...
Nature materials 14 (3), 318-324, 2015
A distinct bosonic mode in an electron-doped high-transition-temperature superconductor
FC Niestemski, S Kunwar, S Zhou, S Li, H Ding, Z Wang, P Dai, ...
Nature 450 (7172), 1058-1061, 2007
Influence of electron doping on the ground state of
X Chen, T Hogan, D Walkup, W Zhou, M Pokharel, M Yao, W Tian, ...
Physical Review B 92 (7), 075125, 2015
Mapping the unconventional orbital texture in topological crystalline insulators
I Zeljkovic, Y Okada, CY Huang, R Sankar, D Walkup, W Zhou, M Serbyn, ...
Nature Physics 10 (8), 572-577, 2014
Imaging physical phenomena with local probes: From electrons to photons
DA Bonnell, DN Basov, M Bode, U Diebold, SV Kalinin, V Madhavan, ...
Reviews of Modern Physics 84 (3), 1343, 2012
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