Ahmed Othman
Ahmed Othman
University Professor of Neuroradiology
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Dual energy computed tomography virtual monoenergetic imaging: technique and clinical applications
T D'Angelo, G Cicero, S Mazziotti, G Ascenti, MH Albrecht, SS Martin, ...
The British journal of radiology 92 (1098), 20180546, 2019
Deep learning–accelerated T2-weighted imaging of the prostate: Reduction of acquisition time and improvement of image quality
S Gassenmaier, S Afat, D Nickel, M Mostapha, J Herrmann, AE Othman
European Journal of Radiology 137, 109600, 2021
Cost-effectiveness of endovascular therapy for acute ischemic stroke: a systematic review of the impact of patient age
WG Kunz, MG Hunink, K Dimitriadis, T Huber, F Dorn, FG Meinel, ...
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Implementation of a 5-minute magnetic resonance imaging screening protocol for prostate cancer in men with elevated prostate-specific antigen before biopsy
J Weiss, P Martirosian, M Notohamiprodjo, S Kaufmann, AE Othman, ...
Investigative radiology 53 (3), 186-190, 2018
Radiation dose reduction in perfusion CT imaging of the brain: A review of the literature
AE Othman, S Afat, MA Brockmann, O Nikoubashman, C Brockmann, ...
Journal of Neuroradiology 43 (1), 1-5, 2016
Diagnostic confidence and feasibility of a deep learning accelerated HASTE sequence of the abdomen in a single breath-hold
J Herrmann, S Gassenmaier, D Nickel, S Arberet, S Afat, A Lingg, ...
Investigative Radiology 56 (5), 313-319, 2021
Effect of temporal resolution on diagnostic performance of dynamic contrast-enhanced magnetic resonance imaging of the prostate
AE Othman, F Falkner, J Weiss, S Kruck, R Grimm, P Martirosian, ...
Investigative radiology 51 (5), 290-296, 2016
Monoenergetic dual-energy computed tomographic imaging: cardiothoracic applications
L Lenga, MH Albrecht, AE Othman, SS Martin, D Leithner, T D’Angelo, ...
Journal of thoracic imaging 32 (3), 151-158, 2017
Effect of noise-optimized monoenergetic postprocessing on diagnostic accuracy for detecting incidental pulmonary embolism in portal-venous phase dual-energy computed tomography
J Weiss, M Notohamiprodjo, M Bongers, C Schabel, S Mangold, ...
Investigative radiology 52 (3), 142-147, 2017
Accelerated T2-weighted TSE imaging of the prostate using deep learning image reconstruction: a prospective comparison with standard T2-weighted TSE imaging
S Gassenmaier, S Afat, MD Nickel, M Mostapha, J Herrmann, ...
Cancers 13 (14), 3593, 2021
Crossed cerebellar diaschisis in acute ischemic stroke: impact on morphologic and functional outcome
WG Kunz, WH Sommer, C Höhne, MP Fabritius, F Schuler, F Dorn, ...
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Scan time reduction in diffusion-weighted imaging of the pancreas using a simultaneous multislice technique with different acceleration factors: How fast can we go?
J Taron, P Martirosian, T Kuestner, NF Schwenzer, A Othman, J Weiß, ...
European Radiology 28, 1504-1511, 2018
CT imaging of bone and bone marrow infiltration in malignant melanoma—challenges and limitations for clinical staging in comparison to 18FDG-PET/CT
G Bier, V Hoffmann, C Kloth, AE Othman, T Eigentler, C Garbe, ...
European journal of radiology 85 (4), 732-738, 2016
Deep learning applications in magnetic resonance imaging: has the future become present?
S Gassenmaier, T Küstner, D Nickel, J Herrmann, R Hoffmann, ...
Diagnostics 11 (12), 2181, 2021
Feasibility and implementation of a deep learning MR reconstruction for TSE sequences in musculoskeletal imaging
J Herrmann, G Koerzdoerfer, D Nickel, M Mostapha, M Nadar, ...
Diagnostics 11 (8), 1484, 2021
Metal artifact reduction for flat panel detector intravenous CT angiography in patients with intracranial metallic implants after endovascular and surgical treatment
R Pjontek, B Önenköprülü, B Scholz, Y Kyriakou, GA Schubert, ...
Journal of NeuroInterventional Surgery 8 (8), 824-829, 2016
Imaging of cholangiocarcinoma
SC Olthof, A Othman, S Clasen, C Schraml, K Nikolaou, M Bongers
Viszeralmedizin 32 (6), 402-410, 2016
Dose reduction and image quality in photon-counting detector high-resolution computed tomography of the chest: routine clinical data
D Graafen, T Emrich, MC Halfmann, P Mildenberger, C Düber, Y Yang, ...
Journal of Thoracic Imaging 37 (5), 315-322, 2022
Endoscopic vacuum therapy for staple line leaks after sleeve gastrectomy
R Archid, D Wichmann, W Klingert, G Nadiradze, F Hönes, N Archid, ...
Obesity Surgery 30, 1310-1315, 2020
Transfer of stroke patients impairs eligibility for endovascular stroke treatment
O Nikoubashman, F Pauli, K Schürmann, AE Othman, JP Bach, ...
Journal of Neuroradiology 45 (1), 49-53, 2018
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