Petra Grd (Koruga)
Petra Grd (Koruga)
Assistant professor
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Handwritten signature identification using basic concepts of graph theory
T Fotak, M Bača, P Koruga
WSEAS Transactions on Signal Processing 7, 117-129, 2011
Introduction to human age estimation using face images
P Grd
Research Papers Faculty of Materials Science and Technology Slovak …, 2013
Analysis of B-tree data structure and its usage in computer forensics
P Koruga, M Bača
Central European Conference on Information and Intelligent Systems, 2010
Towards a formal conceptualization of organizational design techniques for large scale multi agent systems
M Schatten, P Grd, M Konecki, R Kudelić
Procedia Technology 15, 576-585, 2014
Basic on-line handwritten signature features for personal biometric authentication
B Miroslav, K Petra, F Tomislav
2011 Proceedings of the 34th International Convention MIPRO, 1458-1463, 2011
Basic principles and trends in hand geometry and hand shape biometrics
M Bača, P Grd, T Fotak
New Trends and Developments in Biometrics, 77-99, 2012
Search Engine Optimization (SEO): Website analysis of selected faculties in Croatia
I Gregurec, P Grd
Proceedings of Central European Conference on Information and Intelligent …, 2012
Trends in hand geometry biometrics
T Fotak, P Koruga, M Baca
Central European Conference on Information and Intelligent Systems, 319, 2012
Creating a face database for age estimation and classification
P Grd, M Bača
2016 39th International Convention on Information and Communication …, 2016
Analysis of communication of Croatian faculties through Facebook-Part I
D Alen, G Petra, G Iva
Proceedings of the ITI 2013 35th International Conference on Information …, 2013
Application of modified anthropometric model in facial age estimation
P Koruga, M Bača, J Ševa
Proceedings ELMAR-2011, 17-20, 2011
Analysis of craniofacial morphology changes during aging and their connection with facial age estimation
K Petra, B Miroslav, S Markus
Proceedings of the ITI 2011, 33rd International Conference on Information …, 2011
Comparison of Communication of Political Parties over the Internet in Slovenia and Croatia
P Koruga, M Bača, T Fotak
International Conference on Information Society, 2011
Open Directory Project based universal taxonomy for Personalization of Online (Re) sources
J Ševa, M Schatten, P Grd
Expert Systems with Applications 42 (17-18), 6306-6314, 2015
Two-dimensional face image clasification for distinguishing children from adults based on anthropometry
P Grd
Thesis submitted to University of Zagreb, 2015
Using DEMF in process of collecting volatile digital evidence
M Bača, J Ćosić, P Grd
2016 39th International Convention on Information and Communication …, 2016
Knowledge visualization in biometric face recognition on two-dimensional images
K Petra, B Miroslav, F Tomislav
Proceedings of the ITI 2012 34th International Conference on Information …, 2012
A Review of Face Recognition Algorithms and Their Application in Age Estimation
P Koruga, J Ševa, M Bača
Central European Conference on Information and Intelligent Systems, 2011
Privacy improvement model for biometric person recognition in ambient intelligence using perceptual hashing
P Grd, I Tomičić, M Baca
Proceedings of the Central European Cybersecurity Conference 2018, 18, 2018
A review of soft biometrics for IoT
I Tomičić, P Grd, M Bača
2018 41st International Convention on Information and Communication …, 2018
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