Ye Liu
Ye Liu
Research Scientist, Salesforce Research
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KG-BART: Knowledge Graph-Augmented BART for Generative Commonsense Reasoning
Y Liu, Y Wan, L He, H Peng, PS Yu
AAAI 2021, 2020
Multi-view multi-graph embedding for brain network clustering analysis
Y Liu, L He, B Cao, SY Philip, AB Ragin, AD Leow
AAAI 2018, 2018
Are pretrained transformers robust in intent classification? a missing ingredient in evaluation of out-of-scope intent detection
JG Zhang, K Hashimoto, Y Wan, Y Liu, C Xiong, PS Yu
NLP4ConvAI 2022, 2021
HETFORMER: Heterogeneous Transformer with Sparse Attention for Long-Text Extractive Summarization
Y Liu, J Zhang, Y Wan, C Xia, L He, P Yu
EMNLP 2021, 2021
Enriching Non-Autoregressive Transformer with Syntactic and Semantic Structures for Neural Machine Translation
Y Liu, Y Wan, JG Zhang, W Zhao, PS Yu
EACL 2021, 2021
Dense Hierarchical Retrieval for Open-domain Question Answering
Y Liu, K Hashimoto, Y Zhou, S Yavuz, C Xiong, P Yu
EMNLP 2021 Findings, 2021
Generative question refinement with deep reinforcement learning in retrieval-based QA system
Y Liu, C Zhang, X Yan, Y Chang, PS Yu
CIKM 2019, 1643-1652, 2019
Reinforced MOOCs Concept Recommendation in Heterogeneous Information Networks
J Gong, Y Wan, Y Liu, X Li, Y Zhao, C Wang, Q Li, W Feng, J Tang
ACM Transactions on the Web, 2022
Uni-Parser: Unified Semantic Parser for Question Answering on Knowledge Base and Database
Y Liu, S Yavuz, R Meng, D Radev, C Xiong, Y Zhou
EMNLP 2022, 2022
Long sequence modeling with xgen: A 7b llm trained on 8k input sequence length
E Nijkamp, T Xie, H Hayashi, B Pang, C Xia, C Xing, J Vig, S Yavuz, ...
Salesforce AI Research Blog, 2023
Disentangled Code Representation Learning for Multiple Programming Languages
J Zhang, H Hong, Y Zhang, Y Wan, Y Liu, Y Sui
ACL 2021 Findings, 2021
Commonsense Evidence Generation and Injection in Reading Comprehension
Y Liu, T Yang, Z You, W Fan, PS Yu
SIGDIAL 2020, 2020
Interpretable multi-step reasoning with knowledge extraction on complex healthcare question answering
Y Liu, S Chowdhury, C Zhang, C Caragea, PS Yu
arXiv preprint arXiv:2008.02434, 2020
Attend, Memorize and Generate: Towards Faithful Table-to-Text Generation in Few Shots
W Zhao, Y Liu, Y Wan, P Yu
EMNLP 2021 Findings, 2021
Xgen-7b technical report
E Nijkamp, T Xie, H Hayashi, B Pang, C Xia, C Xing, J Vig, S Yavuz, ...
arXiv preprint arXiv:2309.03450, 2023
SFR-Embedding-Mistral:Enhance Text Retrieval with Transfer Learning
R Meng, Y Liu, SR Joty, C Xiong, Y Zhou, S Yavuz
Salesforce AI Research Blog, 2024
Answering complex questions over text by hybrid question parsing and execution
Y Liu, S Yavuz, R Meng, D Radev, C Xiong, Y Zhou
EMNLP 2023 Findings, 2023
Data-driven blockbuster planning on online movie knowledge library
Y Liu, J Zhang, C Zhang, SY Philip
BigData 2018, 1612-1617, 2018
L2CEval: Evaluating Language-to-Code Generation Capabilities of Large Language Models
A Ni, P Yin, Y Zhao, M Riddell, T Feng, R Shen, S Yin, Y Liu, S Yavuz, ...
TACL 2024, 0
Modeling Uncertainty and Using Post-fusion as Fallback Improves Retrieval Augmented Generation with LLMs
Y Liu, S Yavuz, R Meng, M Moorthy, S Joty, C Xiong, Y Zhou
arXiv preprint arXiv:2308.12574, 2023
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