Jerome Saint-Martin
Jerome Saint-Martin
Paris Saclay University
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Enhanced thermoelectric properties in graphene nanoribbons by resonant tunneling of electrons
F Mazzamuto, VH Nguyen, Y Apertet, C Caër, C Chassat, J Saint-Martin, ...
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D Querlioz, J Saint-Martin, K Huet, A Bournel, V Aubry-Fortuna, C Chassat, ...
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Experimental investigation on the quasi-ballistic transport: Part I—Determination of a new backscattering coefficient extraction methodology
V Barral, T Poiroux, J Saint-Martin, D Munteanu, JL Autran, S Deleonibus
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Graphene nanomesh-based devices exhibiting a strong negative differential conductance effect
VH Nguyen, F Mazzamuto, J Saint-Martin, A Bournel, P Dollfus
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S Berrada, V Hung Nguyen, D Querlioz, J Saint-Martin, A Alarcón, ...
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D Querlioz, J Saint-Martin, A Bournel, P Dollfus
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High thermoelectric performance in graphene nanoribbons by graphene/BN interface engineering
VT Tran, J Saint-Martin, P Dollfus
Nanotechnology 26 (49), 495202, 2015
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F Mazzamuto, J Saint-Martin, VH Nguyen, C Chassat, P Dollfus
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Optimizing the thermoelectric performance of graphene nano-ribbons without degrading the electronic properties
VT Tran, J Saint-Martin, P Dollfus, S Volz
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Wigner-Boltzmann Monte Carlo approach to nanodevice simulation: from quantum to semiclassical transport
D Querlioz, HN Nguyen, J Saint-Martin, A Bournel, S Galdin-Retailleau, ...
Journal of computational electronics 8, 324-335, 2009
Monte Carlo study of apparent mobility reduction in nano-MOSFETs
K Huet, J Saint-Martin, A Bournel, S Galdin-Retailleau, P Dollfus, ...
ESSDERC 2007-37th European Solid State Device Research Conference, 382-385, 2007
Edge shape effect on vibrational modes in graphene nanoribbons: A numerical study
F Mazzamuto, J Saint-Martin, A Valentin, C Chassat, P Dollfus
Journal of Applied Physics 109 (6), 064516, 2011
Enhanced thermoelectric figure of merit in vertical graphene junctions
V Hung Nguyen, MC Nguyen, HV Nguyen, J Saint-Martin, P Dollfus
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Giant effect of negative differential conductance in graphene nanoribbon p-n hetero-junctions
V Hung Nguyen, F Mazzamuto, J Saint-Martin, A Bournel, P Dollfus
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Bandgap nanoengineering of graphene tunnel diodes and tunnel transistors to control the negative differential resistance
V Hung Nguyen, J Saint-Martin, D Querlioz, F Mazzamuto, A Bournel, ...
Journal of Computational Electronics 12, 85-93, 2013
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