Jed Meltzer
Jed Meltzer
Senior Scientist, Baycrest Hospital
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Linguistic features identify Alzheimer’s disease in narrative speech
KC Fraser, JA Meltzer, F Rudzicz
Journal of Alzheimer's Disease 49 (2), 407-422, 2016
Effects of working memory load on oscillatory power in human intracranial EEG
JA Meltzer, HP Zaveri, II Goncharova, MM Distasio, X Papademetris, ...
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Automated classification of primary progressive aphasia subtypes from narrative speech transcripts
KC Fraser, JA Meltzer, NL Graham, C Leonard, G Hirst, SE Black, ...
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Activation of human hippocampal formation reflects success in both encoding and cued recall of paired associates
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Neural correlates of evaluative compared with passive tasting
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Neural aspects of sentence comprehension: syntactic complexity, reversibility, and reanalysis
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Oscillatory responses to semantic and syntactic violations
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Infraslow EEG oscillations organize large-scale cortical–subcortical interactions during sleep: a combined EEG/fMRI study
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Biphasic hemodynamic responses influence deactivation and may mask activation in block‐design fMRI paradigms
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Strategies for longitudinal neuroimaging studies of overt language production
JA Meltzer, WA Postman-Caucheteux, JJ McArdle, AR Braun
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A functional magnetic resonance imaging study of the long-term influences of early indomethacin exposure on language processing in the brains of prematurely born children
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A causal role for the precuneus in network-wide theta and gamma oscillatory activity during complex memory retrieval
M Hebscher, JA Meltzer, A Gilboa
Elife 8, 2019
Computer-based treatment of poststroke language disorders: a non-inferiority study of telerehabilitation compared to in-person service delivery
JA Meltzer, AJ Baird, RD Steele, SJ Harvey
Aphasiology 32 (3), 290-311, 2018
Group intervention for individuals with primary progressive aphasia and their spouses: Who comes first?
R Jokel, J Meltzer
Journal of communication disorders 66, 51-64, 2017
Adaptive significance of right hemisphere activation in aphasic language comprehension
JA Meltzer, S Wagage, J Ryder, B Solomon, AR Braun
Neuropsychologia 51 (7), 1248-1259, 2013
Transverse patterning dissociates human EEG theta power and hippocampal BOLD activation
JA Meltzer, GA Fonzo, RT Constable
Psychophysiology 46 (1), 153-162, 2009
Temperature dependence of non-linear capacitance in human embryonic kidney cells transfected with prestin, the outer hair cell motor protein
J Meltzer, J Santos-Sacchi
Neuroscience letters 313 (3), 141-144, 2001
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