Håkan Engqvist
Håkan Engqvist
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Characterization and comparison of materials produced by Electron Beam Melting (EBM) of two different Ti–6Al–4V powder fractions
J Karlsson, A Snis, H Engqvist, J Lausmaa
Journal of materials processing technology 213 (12), 2109-2118, 2013
Glass–ceramics in dentistry: A review
L Fu, H Engqvist, W Xia
Materials 13 (5), 1049, 2020
Formation and adhesion of biomimetic hydroxyapatite deposited on titanium substrates
J Forsgren, F Svahn, T Jarmar, H Engqvist
Acta biomaterialia 3 (6), 980-984, 2007
Surface damage on cemented carbide rock-drill buttons
U Beste, T Hartzell, H Engqvist, N Axén
Wear 249 (3-4), 324-329, 2001
Chemical and biological integration of a mouldable bioactive ceramic material capable of forming apatite in vivo in teeth
H Engqvist, JE Schultz-Walz, J Loof, GA Botton, D Mayer, MW Phaneuf, ...
Biomaterials 25 (14), 2781-2787, 2004
A model for the hardness of cemented carbides
H Engqvist, S Jacobson, N Axén
Wear 252 (5-6), 384-393, 2002
Thickness dependency of mechanical properties for thin-walled titanium parts manufactured by Electron Beam Melting (EBM)®
JK Algardh, T Horn, H West, R Aman, A Snis, H Engqvist, J Lausmaa, ...
Additive Manufacturing 12, 45-50, 2016
Multifunctional implant coatings providing possibilities for fast antibiotics loading with subsequent slow release
U Brohede, J Forsgren, S Roos, A Mihranyan, H Engqvist, M Strømme
Journal of Materials Science: Materials in Medicine 20, 1859-1867, 2009
A comparative study of the bioactivity of three materials for dental applications
J Lööf, F Svahn, T Jarmar, H Engqvist, CH Pameijer
Dental materials 24 (5), 653-659, 2008
Tribofilm formation on cemented carbides in dry sliding conformal contact
H Engqvist, H Högberg, GA Botton, S Ederyd, N Axén
Wear 239 (2), 219-228, 2000
Biomechanical, histological, and ultrastructural analyses of laser micro‐and nano‐structured titanium alloy implants: A study in rabbit
A Palmquist, F Lindberg, L Emanuelsson, R Brånemark, H Engqvist, ...
Journal of Biomedical Materials Research Part A: An Official Journal of The …, 2010
Surface oxidation behavior of Ti–6Al–4V manufactured by Electron Beam Melting (EBM®)
J Karlsson, M Norell, U Ackelid, H Engqvist, J Lausmaa
Journal of Manufacturing Processes 17, 120-126, 2015
The multilayer effect in abrasion—optimising the combination of hard and tough phases
M Berger, U Wiklund, M Eriksson, H Engqvist, S Jacobson
Surface and Coatings Technology 116, 1138-1144, 1999
Evaluation of silicon nitride as a wear resistant and resorbable alternative for total hip joint replacement
J Olofsson, TM Grehk, T Berlind, C Persson, S Jacobson, H Engqvist
Biomatter 2 (2), 94-102, 2012
Digital image correlation analysis of local strain fields on Ti6Al4V manufactured by electron beam melting
J Karlsson, T Sjögren, A Snis, H Engqvist, J Lausmaa
Materials Science and Engineering: A 618, 456-461, 2014
Characterization of the surface properties of commercially available dental implants using scanning electron microscopy, focused ion beam, and high‐resolution transmission …
T Jarmar, A Palmquist, R Brånemark, L Hermansson, H Engqvist, ...
Clinical implant dentistry and related research 10 (1), 11-22, 2008
The effect of composition on mechanical properties of brushite cements
J Engstrand, C Persson, H Engqvist
Journal of the mechanical behavior of biomedical materials 29, 81-90, 2014
An evaluation of methods to determine the porosity of calcium phosphate cements
J Engstrand Unosson, C Persson, H Engqvist
Journal of Biomedical Materials Research Part B: Applied Biomaterials 103 (1 …, 2015
Dental adhesives with bioactive and on-demand bactericidal properties
K Welch, Y Cai, H Engqvist, M Strømme
Dental Materials 26 (5), 491-499, 2010
A ceramic drug delivery vehicle for oral administration of highly potent opioids
J Forsgren, E Jämstorp, S Bredenberg, H Engqvist, M Strømme
Journal of pharmaceutical sciences 99 (1), 219-226, 2010
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