András Jakab
András Jakab
Research group leader, University of Zürich and University Children's Hospital Zürich
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The multimodal brain tumor image segmentation benchmark (BRATS)
BH Menze, A Jakab, S Bauer, J Kalpathy-Cramer, K Farahani, J Kirby, ...
IEEE transactions on medical imaging 34 (10), 1993-2024, 2014
Identifying the Best Machine Learning Algorithms for Brain Tumor Segmentation, Progression Assessment, and Overall Survival Prediction in the BRATS Challenge
S Bakas, M Reyes, A Jakab, S Bauer, M Rempfler, A Crimi, RT Shinohara, ...
arXiv preprint arXiv:1811.02629, 2018
The neuro bureau preprocessing initiative: open sharing of preprocessed neuroimaging data and derivatives
C Craddock, Y Benhajali, C Chu, F Chouinard, A Evans, A Jakab, ...
Frontiers in Neuroinformatics 7, 27, 2013
MIDA: a multimodal imaging-based detailed anatomical model of the human head and neck
MI Iacono, E Neufeld, E Akinnagbe, K Bower, J Wolf, ...
PloS one 10 (4), e0124126, 2015
Cloud-based evaluation of anatomical structure segmentation and landmark detection algorithms: VISCERAL anatomy benchmarks
O Jimenez-del-Toro, H Müller, M Krenn, K Gruenberg, AA Taha, ...
IEEE transactions on medical imaging 35 (11), 2459-2475, 2016
Connectivity-based parcellation reveals interhemispheric differences in the insula
A Jakab, PP Molnár, P Bogner, M Béres, EL Berényi
Brain topography 25 (3), 264-271, 2012
Fetal functional imaging portrays heterogeneous development of emerging human brain networks
A Jakab, E Schwartz, G Kasprian, GM Gruber, D Prayer, V Schöpf, ...
Frontiers in Human Neuroscience, 32, 2015
The rsna-asnr-miccai brats 2021 benchmark on brain tumor segmentation and radiogenomic classification
U Baid, S Ghodasara, S Mohan, M Bilello, E Calabrese, E Colak, ...
arXiv preprint arXiv:2107.02314, 2021
Cell therapy for human ischemic heart diseases: critical review and summary of the clinical experiences
N Pavo, S Charwat, N Nyolczas, A Jakab, Z Murlasits, J Bergler-Klein, ...
Journal of molecular and cellular cardiology 75, 12-24, 2014
Identifying the best machine learning algorithms for brain tumor segmentation
S Bakas, M Reyes, A Jakab, S Bauer, M Rempfler, A Crimi, RT Shinohara, ...
Progression Assessment, and Overall Survival Prediction in the BRATS …, 2018
Generation of individualized thalamus target maps by using statistical shape models and thalamocortical tractography
A Jakab, R Blanc, EL Berényi, G Székely
American Journal of Neuroradiology 33 (11), 2110-2116, 2012
Disrupted developmental organization of the structural connectome in fetuses with corpus callosum agenesis
A Jakab, G Kasprian, E Schwartz, GM Gruber, C Mitter, D Prayer, ...
Neuroimage 111, 277-288, 2015
Creative music therapy to promote brain function and brain structure in preterm infants: A randomized controlled pilot study
FB Haslbeck, A Jakab, U Held, D Bassler, HU Bucher, C Hagmann
NeuroImage: Clinical 25, 102171, 2020
Glioma grade assessment by using histogram analysis of diffusion tensor imaging-derived maps
A Jakab, P Molnár, M Emri, E Berényi
Neuroradiology 53 (7), 483-491, 2011
Secretome of apoptotic peripheral blood cells (APOSEC) attenuates microvascular obstruction in a porcine closed chest reperfused acute myocardial infarction model: role of …
K Hoetzenecker, A Assinger, M Lichtenauer, M Mildner, T Schweiger, ...
Basic research in cardiology 107 (5), 1-14, 2012
Autistic traits in neurotypical adults: correlates of graph theoretical functional network topology and white matter anisotropy patterns
A Jakab, M Emri, T Spisak, A Szeman-Nagy, M Beres, SA Kis, P Molnar, ...
PloS one 8 (4), e60982, 2013
Long-acting beneficial effect of percutaneously intramyocardially delivered secretome of apoptotic peripheral blood cells on porcine chronic ischemic left ventricular dysfunction
N Pavo, M Zimmermann, D Pils, M Mildner, Z Petrási, Ö Petneházy, ...
Biomaterials 35 (11), 3541-3550, 2014
VISCERAL–VISual Concept Extraction challenge in RAdioLogy: ISBI 2014 challenge organization
OAJ del Toro, O Goksel, B Menze, H Müller, G Langs, MA Weber, I Eggel, ...
Proceedings of the VISCERAL Challenge at ISBI, O. Goksel, ed., CEUR Workshop …, 2014
Validation of In utero Tractography of Human Fetal Commissural and Internal Capsule Fibers with Histological Structure Tensor Analysis
C Mitter, A Jakab, PC Brugger, G Ricken, GM Gruber, D Bettelheim, ...
Frontiers in neuroanatomy 9, 164, 2015
In utero diffusion tensor imaging of the fetal brain: a reproducibility study
A Jakab, R Tuura, C Kellenberger, I Scheer
NeuroImage: Clinical 15, 601-612, 2017
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