Tamás Grósz
DNN-based ultrasound-to-speech conversion for a silent speech interface
TG Csapó, T Grósz, G Gosztolya, L Tóth, A Markó
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Assessing the degree of nativeness and Parkinson's condition using Gaussian processes and deep rectifier neural networks
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A comparison of deep neural network training methods for large vocabulary speech recognition
L Tóth, T Grósz
Text, Speech, and Dialogue: 16th International Conference, TSD 2013, Pilsen …, 2013
Detecting mild cognitive impairment from spontaneous speech by correlation-based phonetic feature selection
G Gosztolya, L Tóth, T Grósz, V Vincze, I Hoffmann, G Szatlóczki, ...
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DNN-based feature extraction and classifier combination for child-directed speech, cold and snoring identification
G Gosztolya, R Busa-Fekete, T Grósz, L Tóth
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Deep learning in static, metric-based bug prediction
R Ferenc, D Bán, T Grósz, T Gyimóthy
Array 6, 100021, 2020
F0 estimation for DNN-based ultrasound silent speech interfaces
T Grósz, G Gosztolya, L Tóth, TG Csapó, A Markó
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Multi-Task Learning of Speech Recognition and Speech Synthesis Parameters for Ultrasound-based Silent Speech Interfaces
L Tóth, G Gosztolya, T Grósz, A Markó, TG Csapó
Interspeech, 2018
Detecting the intensity of cognitive and physical load using AdaBoost and Deep Rectifier Neural Networks
G Gosztolya, T Grósz, R Busa-Fekete, L Tóth
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Automatic segmentation of hyperreflective foci in OCT images
L Varga, A Kovács, T Grósz, G Thury, F Hadarits, R Dégi, J Dombi
Computer Methods and Programs in Biomedicine 178, 91-103, 2019
QR code localization using deep neural networks
T Grósz, P Bodnár, L Tóth, LG Nyúl
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General utterance-level feature extraction for classifying crying sounds, atypical & self-assessed affect and heart beats
G Gosztolya, T Grósz, L Tóth
International Speech Communication Association (ISCA), 2018
Ultrasound-based Silent Speech Interface Built on a Continuous Vocoder
TG Csapó, MS Al-Radhi, G Németh, G Gosztolya, T Grósz, L Tóth, ...
Interspeech, 2019
Determining native language and deception using phonetic features and classifier combination
G Gosztolya, T Grósz, R Busa-Fekete, L Tóth
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Building context-dependent DNN acoustic models using Kullback-Leibler divergence-based state tying
G Gosztolya, T Grósz, L Tóth, D Imseng
2015 IEEE International Conference on Acoustics, Speech and Signal …, 2015
Wav2vec2-based paralinguistic systems to recognise vocalised emotions and stuttering
T Grósz, D Porjazovski, Y Getman, S Kadiri, M Kurimo
Proceedings of the 30th ACM International Conference on Multimedia, 7026-7029, 2022
Autoencoder-Based Articulatory-to-Acoustic Mapping for Ultrasound Silent Speech Interfaces
G Gosztolya, Á Pintér, L Tóth, T Grósz, A Markó, TG Csapó
IJCNN, 2019
Topical unit classification using deep neural nets and probabilistic sampling
G Kovács, T Grósz, T Váradi
2016 7th IEEE International Conference on Cognitive Infocommunications …, 2016
Estimating the sincerity of apologies in speech by DNN rank learning and prosodic analysis
G Gosztolya, T Grósz, G Szaszák, L Tóth
Interspeech, 2026-2030, 2016
Document classification with deep rectifier neural networks and probabilistic sampling
T Grósz, I Nagy T
Text, Speech and Dialogue: 17th International Conference, TSD 2014, Brno …, 2014
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