Joaquin Rodriguez-Lopez
Joaquin Rodriguez-Lopez
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Evolutionary design of low molecular weight organic anolyte materials for applications in nonaqueous redox flow batteries
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Scanning electrochemical microscopy. 60. Quantitative calibration of the SECM substrate generation/tip collection mode and its use for the study of the oxygen reduction mechanism
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Redox active polymers for non-aqueous redox flow batteries: validation of the size-exclusion approach
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Synthesis of polypeptides via bioinspired polymerization of in situ purified N-carboxyanhydrides
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Layer Number Dependence of Li+ Intercalation on Few-Layer Graphene and Electrochemical Imaging of Its Solid–Electrolyte Interphase Evolution
J Hui, M Burgess, J Zhang, J Rodríguez-López
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Quantification of photoelectrogenerated hydroxyl radical on TiO 2 by surface interrogation scanning electrochemical microscopy
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Potential Dependence of the Local pH in a CO2 Reduction Electrolyzer
DA Henckel, MJ Counihan, HE Holmes, X Chen, UO Nwabara, S Verma, ...
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Electrocatalytic activity of Pd− Co bimetallic mixtures for formic acid oxidation studied by scanning electrochemical microscopy
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Structure of the Photo-catalytically Active Surface of SrTiO3
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Scanning electrochemical microscopy: surface interrogation of adsorbed hydrogen and the open circuit catalytic decomposition of formic acid at platinum
J Rodríguez-López, AJ Bard
Journal of the American Chemical Society 132 (14), 5121-5129, 2010
Lithium Ion Quantification Using Mercury Amalgams as in Situ Electrochemical Probes in Nonaqueous Media
ZJ Barton, J Rodríguez-López
Analytical chemistry 86 (21), 10660-10667, 2014
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