Pilhan Kim, PhD
Pilhan Kim, PhD
Professor, KAIST
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In vivo measurement of age-related stiffening in the crystalline lens by Brillouin optical microscopy
G Scarcelli, P Kim, SH Yun
Biophysical journal 101 (6), 1539-1545, 2011
Neutrophils disturb pulmonary microcirculation in sepsis-induced acute lung injury
I Park, M Kim, K Choe, E Song, H Seo, Y Hwang, J Ahn, SH Lee, JH Lee, ...
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Amelioration of sepsis by TIE2 activation–induced vascular protection
S Han, SJ Lee, KE Kim, HS Lee, N Oh, I Park, E Ko, SJ Oh, YS Lee, D Kim, ...
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In vivo tracking of 'color-coded' effector, natural and induced regulatory T cells in the allograft response
Z Fan, JA Spencer, Y Lu, CM Pitsillides, G Singh, P Kim, SH Yun, ...
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Lymphatic regulator PROX1 determines Schlemm’s canal integrity and identity
DY Park, J Lee, I Park, D Choi, S Lee, S Song, Y Hwang, KY Hong, ...
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In vivo wide-area cellular imaging by side-view endomicroscopy
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Exosome-based delivery of super-repressor IκBα relieves sepsis-associated organ damage and mortality
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Sustained inflammation after pericyte depletion induces irreversible blood-retina barrier breakdown
S Ogura, K Kurata, Y Hattori, H Takase, T Ishiguro-Oonuma, Y Hwang, ...
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In vivo confocal and multiphoton microendoscopy
P Kim, M Puoris’ haag, D Côté, CP Lin, SH Yun
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Podoplanin-Expressing Cells Derived From Bone Marrow Play a Crucial Role in Postnatal Lymphatic NeovascularizationClinical Perspective
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Raman-based distributed temperature sensor with Simplex coding and link optimization
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Flat amplitude equal spacing 798-channel Rayleigh-assisted Brillouin/Raman multiwavelength comb generation in dispersion compensating fiber
B Min, P Kim, N Park
IEEE Photonics Technology Letters 13 (12), 1352-1354, 2001
Intravital imaging of intestinal lacteals unveils lipid drainage through contractility
K Choe, JY Jang, I Park, Y Kim, S Ahn, DY Park, YK Hong, K Alitalo, ...
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Fabrication and operation of GRIN probes for in vivo fluorescence cellular imaging of internal organs in small animals
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Frequency selection rule for high definition and high frame rate Lissajous scanning
K Hwang, YH Seo, J Ahn, P Kim, KH Jeong
Scientific reports 7 (1), 14075, 2017
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