Tejash Patel
Tejash Patel
MIT Lincoln Labs
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Comparison of methods for estimating wet-bulb globe temperature index from standard meteorological measurements
T Patel, SP Mullen, WR Santee
Military medicine 178 (8), 926-933, 2013
Multimodal biomarkers to discriminate cognitive state
TF Quatieri, JR Williamson, CJ Smalt, J Perricone, T Patel, L Brattain, ...
The role of technology in clinical neuropsychology 409, 2017
The effect of hearing-protection devices on auditory situational awareness and listening effort
CJ Smalt, PT Calamia, AP Dumas, JP Perricone, T Patel, J Bobrow, ...
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EEG and MRI data fusion for early diagnosis of Alzheimer's disease
T Patel, R Polikar, C Davatzikos, CM Clark
2008 30th Annual International Conference of the IEEE Engineering in …, 2008
MicroRNA-206 downregulation improves therapeutic gene expression and motor function in mdx mice
K Bulaklak, B Xiao, C Qiao, J Li, T Patel, Q Jin, J Li, X Xiao
Molecular Therapy-Nucleic Acids 12, 283-293, 2018
A history of low back pain affects pelvis and trunk coordination during a sustained manual materials handling task
JF Seay, SG Sauer, T Patel, TC Roy
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Vocal biomarkers to discriminate cognitive load in a working memory task
TF Quatieri, JR Williamson, CJ Smalt, T Patel, J Perricone, DD Mehta, ...
Sixteenth Annual Conference of the International Speech Communication …, 2015
Measured body composition and geometrical data of four “virtual family” members for thermoregulatory modeling
X Xu, TP Rioux, T MacLeod, T Patel, MN Rome, AW Potter
International journal of biometeorology 61, 477-486, 2017
Methods and systems for pre-symptomatic detection of exposure to an agent
AJ Swiston, TM Patel, L Milechin, JG Fleischman, WD Pratt, AN Honko
US Patent 10,332,638, 2019
Planning military drinking water needs: development of a user-friendly smart device application
N Charkoudian, RW Kenefick, AJ Lapadula, AJ Swiston, T Patel, ...
Military medicine 181 (9), 1142-1150, 2016
Detecting pathogen exposure during the non-symptomatic incubation period using physiological data
L Milechin, S Davis, T Patel, M Hernandez, G Ciccarelli, S Schwartz, ...
bioRxiv, 218818, 2017
Noninvasive estimation of cognitive status in mild traumatic brain injury using speech production and facial expression
AC Lammert, JR Williamson, A Hess, T Patel, TF Quatieri, HJ Liao, A Lin, ...
2017 Seventh International Conference on Affective Computing and Intelligent …, 2017
Refinement of probability of survival decision aid (PSDA)
X Xu, A Allen, T Rioux, T Patel, P Sinha, M Yokota, W Santee, ...
Technical Note, TN14-02, ADA 599590, 1760
Motion artifact mitigation for wearable pulse oximetry
JR Williamson, T Patel, N Singh, A Siegel, B Telfer, R Trebicka, B Welsh, ...
2018 IEEE 15th International Conference on Wearable and Implantable Body …, 2018
Detecting and tracking gait asymmetries with wearable accelerometers
JR Williamson, A Dumas, AR Hess, T Patel, BA Telfer, MJ Buller
2015 IEEE 12th International Conference on Wearable and Implantable Body …, 2015
Detecting pathogen exposure during the non-symptomatic incubation period using physiological data: proof of concept in non-human primates
S Davis, L Milechin, T Patel, M Hernandez, G Ciccarelli, S Samsi, ...
Frontiers in Physiology 12, 1173, 2021
Wearable oximetry for harsh environments
B Telfer, R Hoyt, J Lacirignola, T Patel, A Siegel, A Swiston, N Singh, ...
2017 IEEE 14th International Conference on Wearable and Implantable Body …, 2017
Estimating Core Temperature during Exercise in Heat Using Non‐Invasive Measurements
X Xu, AJ Karis, SP Mullen, T Patel, MJ Buller, WR Santee
The FASEB Journal 26, 1084.13-1084.13, 2012
Ensemble of classifiers based data fusion of EEG and MRI for diagnosis of neurodegenerative disorders
T Patel
Hypothermia Improves AAV Entry into CNS across BBB and Enhances ALS Survival by Delivering BDNF
B Xiao, Z Yuan, C Qiao, K Bulaklak, J Li, T Patel, T Bian, Y Dai, C Zhao, ...
MOLECULAR THERAPY 26 (5), 437-438, 2018
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