Dejan-Krešimir Bučar
Dejan-Krešimir Bučar
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Supramolecular control of reactivity in the solid state: from templates to ladderanes to metal− organic frameworks
LR Macgillivray, GS Papaefstathiou, T Friščić, TD Hamilton, DK Bučar, ...
Accounts of chemical research 41 (2), 280-291, 2008
Disappearing polymorphs revisited
DK Bučar, RW Lancaster, J Bernstein
Angewandte Chemie International Edition 54 (24), 6972-6993, 2015
A Practical Guide to the Design of Molecular Crystals
MK Corpinot, DK Bučar
Crystal growth & Design 19 (2), 1426–1453, 2019
Accelerated aging: a low energy, solvent-free alternative to solvothermal and mechanochemical synthesis of metal–organic materials
MJ Cliffe, C Mottillo, RS Stein, DK Bučar, T Friščić
Chemical Science 3 (8), 2495-2500, 2012
Preparation and reactivity of nanocrystalline cocrystals formed via sonocrystallization
DK Bucar, LR MacGillivray
Journal of the American Chemical Society 129 (1), 32-33, 2007
Cocrystals of caffeine and hydroxybenzoic acids composed of multiple supramolecular heterosynthons: Screening via solution-mediated phase transformation and structural …
DK Bucar, RF Henry, X Lou, RW Duerst, LR MacGillivray, GGZ Zhang
Crystal Growth and Design 9 (4), 1932-1943, 2009
The application of design of experiments (DoE) reaction optimisation and solvent selection in the development of new synthetic chemistry
PM Murray, F Bellany, L Benhamou, DK Bučar, AB Tabor, TD Sheppard
Organic & Biomolecular Chemistry 14 (8), 2373-2384, 2016
Softening and hardening of macro‐and nano‐sized organic cocrystals in a single‐crystal transformation
C Karunatilaka, DK Bučar, LR Ditzler, T Friščić, DC Swenson, ...
Angewandte Chemie 123 (37), 8801-8805, 2011
The curious case of (caffeine)·(benzoic acid): how heteronuclear seeding allowed the formation of an elusive cocrystal
DK Bučar, GM Day, I Halasz, GGZ Zhang, JRG Sander, DG Reid, ...
Chemical Science 4 (12), 4417-4425, 2013
Co-crystals of caffeine and hydroxy-2-naphthoic acids: Unusual formation of the carboxylic acid dimer in the presence of a heterosynthon
DK Bučar, RF Henry, X Lou, RW Duerst, TB Borchardt, LR MacGillivray, ...
Molecular pharmaceutics 4 (3), 339-346, 2007
A supramolecular protecting group strategy introduced to the organic solid state: Enhanced reactivity through molecular pedal motion
E Elacqua, P Kaushik, RH Groeneman, JC Sumrak, DK Bučar, ...
Angewandte Chemie International Edition 51 (4), 1037-1041, 2012
Supramolecular catalysis in the organic solid state through dry grinding
AN Sokolov, DK Bučar, J Baltrusaitis, SX Gu, LR MacGillivray
Angewandte Chemie 122 (25), 4369-4373, 2010
Pharmaceutical nano‐cocrystals: sonochemical synthesis by solvent selection and use of a surfactant
JRG Sander, DK Bučar, RF Henry, GGZ Zhang, LR MacGillivray
Angewandte Chemie International Edition 49 (40), 7284-7288, 2010
Thixotropic hydrogel derived from a product of an organic solid-state synthesis: properties and densities of metal− organic nanoparticles
TD Hamilton, DK Bucar, J Baltrusaitis, DR Flanagan, Y Li, S Ghorai, ...
Journal of the American Chemical Society 133 (10), 3365-3371, 2011
Divergent prebiotic synthesis of pyrimidine and 8-oxo-purine ribonucleotides.
S Stairs, A Nikmal, DK Bučar, SL Zheng, JW Szostak, MW Powner
Nature Communications 8, 15270, 2017
Prebiotic selection and assembly of proteinogenic amino acids and natural nucleotides from complex mixtures
S Islam, DK Bucar, MW Powner
Nature Chemistry 9, 584–589, 2017
Ultrasound‐Assisted Construction of Halogen‐Bonded Nanosized Cocrystals That Exhibit Thermosensitive Luminescence
D Yan, DK Bučar, A Delori, B Patel, GO Lloyd, W Jones, X Duan
Chemistry–A European Journal 19 (25), 8213-8219, 2013
Advantages of mechanochemical cocrystallisation in the solid-state chemistry of pigments: colour-tuned fluorescein cocrystals
DK Bučar, S Filip, M Arhangelskis, GO Lloyd, W Jones
CrystEngComm 15 (32), 6289-6291, 2013
A sildenafil cocrystal based on acetylsalicylic acid exhibits an enhanced intrinsic dissolution rate
M Žegarac, E Lekšić, P Šket, J Plavec, MD Bogdanović, DK Bučar, ...
CrystEngComm 16 (1), 32-35, 2014
Modification of luminescent properties of a coumarin derivative by formation of multi-component crystals
D Yan, A Delori, GO Lloyd, B Patel, T Friščić, GM Day, DK Bučar, W Jones, ...
CrystEngComm 14 (16), 5121-5123, 2012
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