Mohamed A. El-Sheikh
Mohamed A. El-Sheikh
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Effect of early tranexamic acid administration on mortality, hysterectomy, and other morbidities in women with post-partum haemorrhage (WOMAN): an international, randomised …
H Shakur, I Roberts, B Fawole, R Chaudhri, M El-Sheikh, A Akintan, ...
The Lancet 389 (10084), 2105-2116, 2017
sPlot–A new tool for global vegetation analyses
H Bruelheide, J Dengler, B Jiménez‐Alfaro, O Purschke, SM Hennekens, ...
Journal of Vegetation Science 30 (2), 161-186, 2019
Inoculation with arbuscular mycorrhizal fungi alleviates harmful effects of drought stress on damask rose
E Abdel-Salam, A Alatar, MA El-Sheikh
Saudi journal of biological sciences 25 (8), 1772-1780, 2018
Pharmaceuticals, pesticides, personal care products and microplastics contamination assessment of Al-Hassa irrigation network (Saudi Arabia) and its shallow lakes
Y Picó, R Alvarez-Ruiz, AH Alfarhan, MA El-Sheikh, HO Alshahrani, ...
Science of the Total Environment 701, 135021, 2020
Nitrogen availability prevents oxidative effects of salinity on wheat growth and photosynthesis by up-regulating the antioxidants and osmolytes metabolism, and secondary …
MA Ahanger, C Qin, N Begum, Q Maodong, XX Dong, M El-Esawi, ...
BMC Plant Biology 19, 1-12, 2019
Seasonal courses of nutrients and heavy metals in water, sediment and above-and below-ground Typha domingensis biomass in Lake Burullus (Egypt): perspectives for phytoremediation
EM Eid, KH Shaltout, MA El-Sheikh, T Asaeda
Flora-Morphology, Distribution, Functional Ecology of Plants 207 (11), 783-794, 2012
RETRACTED: Vegetation analysis of Wadi Al-Jufair, a hyper-arid region in Najd, Saudi Arabia
A Alatar, MA El-Sheikh, J Thomas
Saudi Journal of Biological Sciences 19 (1), 43-54, 2012
Caesarean section surgical techniques: 3 year follow-up of the CORONIS fractional, factorial, unmasked, randomised controlled trial
CORONIS Collaborative Group
The Lancet 388 (10039), 62-72, 2016
Uptake and accumulation of emerging contaminants in soil and plant treated with wastewater under real-world environmental conditions in the Al Hayer area (Saudi Arabia)
Y Picó, R Alvarez-Ruiz, AH Alfarhan, MA El-Sheikh, SM Alobaid, ...
Science of the total environment 652, 562-572, 2019
Antioxidant activity and mineral composition of three Mediterranean common seaweeds from Abu-Qir Bay, Egypt
HM Khairy, MA El-Sheikh
Saudi journal of biological sciences 22 (5), 623-630, 2015
Arbuscular mycorrhizal fungi and plant growth-promoting rhizobacteria enhance soil key enzymes, plant growth, seed yield, and qualitative attributes of guar
AM El-Sawah, A El-Keblawy, DFI Ali, HM Ibrahim, MA El-Sheikh, ...
Agriculture 11 (3), 194, 2021
Floristic diversity and vegetation analysis of wadi Al-Noman, Mecca, Saudi Arabia
KA Khalik, M El-Sheikh, A El-Aidarous
Turkish Journal of Botany 37 (5), 894-907, 2013
Vegetation analysis of Failaka island (Kuwait)
GA Abbadi, MA El-Sheikh
Journal of Arid Environments 50 (1), 153-165, 2002
Vegetation ecology of phytogenic hillocks (nabkhas) in coastal habitats of Jal Az-Zor National Park, Kuwait: Role of patches and edaphic factors
MA El-Sheikh, GA Abbadi, PM Bianco
Flora-Morphology, Distribution, Functional Ecology of Plants 205 (12), 832-840, 2010
Exogenous abscisic acid and jasmonic acid restrain polyethylene glycol‐induced drought by improving the growth and antioxidative enzyme activities in pearl millet
SA Awan, I Khan, M Rizwan, X Zhang, M Brestic, A Khan, MA El‐Sheikh, ...
Physiologia Plantarum 172 (2), 809-819, 2021
sPlotOpen–An environmentally balanced, open‐access, global dataset of vegetation plots
FM Sabatini, J Lenoir, T Hattab, EA Arnst, M Chytrý, J Dengler, ...
Global Ecology and Biogeography 30 (9), 1740-1764, 2021
Vegetation of the urban habitats in the Nile Delta region, Egypt
KH Shaltout, MA El-Sheikh
Urban Ecosystems 6, 205-221, 2002
Zinc-lysine Supplementation Mitigates Oxidative Stress in Rapeseed (Brassica napus L.) by Preventing Phytotoxicity of Chromium, When Irrigated with Tannery …
IE Zaheer, S Ali, MH Saleem, M Arslan Ashraf, Q Ali, Z Abbas, M Rizwan, ...
Plants 9 (9), 1145, 2020
Target vs non-target analysis to determine pesticide residues in fruits from Saudi Arabia and influence in potential risk associated with exposure
Y Picó, MA El-Sheikh, AH Alfarhan, D Barceló
Food and Chemical Toxicology 111, 53-63, 2018
Iron–Lysine Mediated Alleviation of Chromium Toxicity in Spinach (Spinacia oleracea L.) Plants in Relation to Morpho-Physiological Traits and Iron Uptake When …
IE Zaheer, S Ali, MH Saleem, I Noor, MA El-Esawi, K Hayat, M Rizwan, ...
Sustainability 12 (16), 6690, 2020
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