Petra Rettberg
Petra Rettberg
German Aerospace Center, Institute of Aerospace Medicine, Radiation Biology Department, Reserach
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Tardigrades survive exposure to space in low Earth orbit
KI Jönsson, E Rabbow, RO Schill, M Harms-Ringdahl, P Rettberg
Current biology 18 (17), R729-R731, 2008
Protection of bacterial spores in space, a contribution to the discussion on panspermia
G Horneck, P Rettberg, G Reitz, J Wehner, U Eschweiler, K Strauch, ...
Origins of Life and Evolution of the Biosphere 31, 527-547, 2001
A biosensor for environmental genotoxin screening based on an SOS lux assay in recombinant Escherichia coli cells
LR Ptitsyn, G Horneck, O Komova, S Kozubek, EA Krasavin, M Bonev, ...
Applied and environmental microbiology 63 (11), 4377-4384, 1997
Role of DNA Repair by Nonhomologous-End Joining in Bacillus subtilis Spore Resistance to Extreme Dryness, Mono- and Polychromatic UV, and Ionizing Radiation
R Moeller, E Stackebrandt, G Reitz, T Berger, P Rettberg, AJ Doherty, ...
Journal of Bacteriology 189 (8), 3306-3311, 2007
Limits of life and the habitability of Mars: the ESA space experiment BIOMEX on the ISS
JP De Vera, M Alawi, T Backhaus, M Baqué, D Billi, U Böttger, T Berger, ...
Astrobiology 19 (2), 145-157, 2019
Survival of lichens and bacteria exposed to outer space conditions–results of the Lithopanspermia experiments
R de La Torre, LG Sancho, G Horneck, A de los Ríos, J Wierzchos, ...
Icarus 208 (2), 735-748, 2010
Resistance of bacterial endospores to outer space for planetary protection purposes—experiment PROTECT of the EXPOSE-E mission
G Horneck, R Moeller, J Cadet, T Douki, RL Mancinelli, WL Nicholson, ...
Astrobiology 12 (5), 445-456, 2012
HUMEX, a study on the survivability and adaptation of humans to long-duration exploratory missions, part I: lunar missions
G Horneck, R Facius, M Reichert, P Rettberg, W Seboldt, D Manzey, ...
Advances in Space Research 31 (11), 2389-2401, 2003
AstRoMap European astrobiology roadmap
G Horneck, N Walter, F Westall, JL Grenfell, WF Martin, F Gomez, S Leuko, ...
Astrobiology 16 (3), 201-243, 2016
Exposure of phototrophs to 548 days in low Earth orbit: microbial selection pressures in outer space and on early earth
CS Cockell, P Rettberg, E Rabbow, K Olsson-Francis
The ISME journal 5 (10), 1671-1682, 2011
EXPOSE-E: an ESA astrobiology mission 1.5 years in space
E Rabbow, P Rettberg, S Barczyk, M Bohmeier, A Parpart, C Panitz, ...
Astrobiology 12 (5), 374-386, 2012
Temporal dynamics of the gut microbiota in people sharing a confined environment, a 520-day ground-based space simulation, MARS500
S Turroni, S Rampelli, E Biagi, C Consolandi, M Severgnini, C Peano, ...
Microbiome 5, 1-11, 2017
Space station biomining experiment demonstrates rare earth element extraction in microgravity and Mars gravity
CS Cockell, R Santomartino, K Finster, AC Waajen, LJ Eades, R Moeller, ...
Nature communications 11 (1), 1-11, 2020
EXPOSE, an astrobiological exposure facility on the international space station-from proposal to flight
E Rabbow, G Horneck, P Rettberg, JU Schott, C Panitz, A L’Afflitto, ...
Origins of Life and Evolution of Biospheres 39, 581-598, 2009
The potential of the lichen symbiosis to cope with extreme conditions of outer space–I. Influence of UV radiation and space vacuum on the vitality of lichen symbiosis and …
JP De Vera, G Horneck, P Rettberg, S Ott
International Journal of Astrobiology 1 (4), 285-293, 2002
Biological dosimetry of solar radiation for different simulated ozone column thicknesses
G Horneck, P Rettberg, E Rabbow, W Strauch, G Seckmeyer, R Facius, ...
Journal of Photochemistry and Photobiology B: Biology 32 (3), 189-196, 1996
The potential science and engineering value of samples delivered to Earth by Mars sample return: International MSR Objectives and Samples Team (iMOST)
DW Beaty, MM Grady, HY McSween, E Sefton‐Nash, BL Carrier, F Altieri, ...
Meteoritics & Planetary Science 54, S3-S152, 2019
Supporting Mars exploration: BIOMEX in Low Earth Orbit and further astrobiological studies on the Moon using Raman and PanCam technology
JP de Vera, U Boettger, R de la Torre Noetzel, FJ Sánchez, D Grunow, ...
Planetary and Space Science 74 (1), 103-110, 2012
The potential of the lichen symbiosis to cope with the extreme conditions of outer space II: germination capacity of lichen ascospores in response to simulated space conditions
JP De Vera, G Horneck, P Rettberg, S Ott
Advances in Space Research 33 (8), 1236-1243, 2004
Earth as a tool for astrobiology—a European perspective
Z Martins, H Cottin, JM Kotler, N Carrasco, CS Cockell, ...
Space Science Reviews 209, 43-81, 2017
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