Robert Ivkov
Robert Ivkov
The Johns Hopkins University School of Medicine
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Effect of magnetic dipolar interactions on nanoparticle heating efficiency: Implications for cancer hyperthermia
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Magnetic hyperthermia therapy for the treatment of glioblastoma: a review of the therapy’s history, efficacy and application in humans
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Nearly complete regression of tumors via collective behavior of magnetic nanoparticles in hyperthermia
CL Dennis, AJ Jackson, JA Borchers, PJ Hoopes, R Strawbridge, ...
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Heating technology for malignant tumors: A review
HP Kok, ENK Cressman, W Ceelen, CL Brace, R Ivkov, H Grüll, ...
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Colloid stability: The forces between charged surfaces in an electrolyte
JP Valleau, R Ivkov, GM Torrie
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Application of high amplitude alternating magnetic fields for heat induction of nanoparticles localized in cancer
R Ivkov, SJ DeNardo, W Daum, AR Foreman, RC Goldstein, VS Nemkov, ...
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Magnetic nanoparticle heating efficiency reveals magneto-structural differences when characterized with wide ranging and high amplitude alternating magnetic fields
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Therapy via targeted delivery of nanoscale particles
R Ivkov, W Daum, A Foreman, D Gwost
US Patent App. 10/696,399, 2005
Thermotherapy via targeted delivery of nanoscale magnetic particles
ES Handy, R Ivkov, D Ellis-Busby, A Foreman, SJ Braunhut, DU Gwost, ...
US Patent 6,997,863, 2006
Size invariance of polyelectrolyte dendrimers
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Thermotherapy via targeted delivery of nanoscale magnetic particles
ES Handy, R Ivkov, D Ellis-Busby, A Foreman
US Patent 7,074,175, 2006
Magnetic nanoparticle hyperthermia enhances radiation therapy: A study in mouse models of human prostate cancer
A Attaluri, SK Kandala, M Wabler, H Zhou, C Cornejo, M Armour, ...
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NanoFerrite particle based radioimmunonanoparticles: binding affinity and in vivo pharmacokinetics
A Natarajan, C Gruettner, R Ivkov, GL DeNardo, G Mirick, A Yuan, ...
Bioconjugate chemistry 19 (6), 1211-1218, 2008
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P Korangath, JD Barnett, A Sharma, ET Henderson, J Stewart, SH Yu, ...
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Internal magnetic structure of nanoparticles dominates time‐dependent relaxation processes in a magnetic field
CL Dennis, KL Krycka, JA Borchers, RD Desautels, J Van Lierop, NF Huls, ...
Advanced Functional Materials 25 (27), 4300-4311, 2015
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