David Hagan
David Hagan
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Sensitive measurement of optical nonlinearities using a single beam
M Sheik-Bahae, AA Said, TH Wei, DJ Hagan, EW Van Stryland
IEEE journal of quantum electronics 26 (4), 760-769, 1990
Dispersion of bound electron nonlinear refraction in solids
M Sheik-Bahae, DC Hutchings, DJ Hagan, EW Van Stryland
IEEE Journal of quantum electronics 27 (6), 1296-1309, 1991
Self-focusing and self-defocusing by cascaded second-order effects in KTP
R DeSalvo, DJ Hagan, M Sheik-Bahae, G Stegeman, EW Van Stryland, ...
Optics letters 17 (1), 28-30, 1992
Observation of two-dimensional spatial solitary waves in a quadratic medium
WE Torruellas, Z Wang, DJ Hagan, EW VanStryland, GI Stegeman, ...
Physical review letters 74 (25), 5036, 1995
Determination of bound-electronic and free-carrier nonlinearities in ZnSe, GaAs, CdTe, and ZnTe
AA Said, M Sheik-Bahae, DJ Hagan, TH Wei, J Wang, J Young, ...
JOSA B 9 (3), 405-414, 1992
χ(2) cascading phenomena and their applications to all-optical signal processing, mode-locking, pulse compression and solitons
GI Stegeman, DJ Hagan, L Torner
Optical and Quantum electronics 28, 1691-1740, 1996
Dispersion and band-gap scaling of the electronic Kerr effect in solids associated with two-photon absorption
M Sheik-Bahae, DJ Hagan, EW Van Stryland
Physical review letters 65 (1), 96, 1990
Infrared to ultraviolet measurements of two-photon absorption and n/sub 2/in wide bandgap solids
R DeSalvo, AA Said, DJ Hagan, EW Van Stryland, M Sheik-Bahae
IEEE Journal of Quantum Electronics 32 (8), 1324-1333, 1996
Kramers-Krönig relations in nonlinear optics
DC Hutchings, M Sheik-Bahae, DJ Hagan, EW Van Stryland
Optical and Quantum Electronics 24, 1-30, 1992
Direct measurements of nonlinear absorption and refraction in solutions of phthalocyanines
TH Wei, DJ Hagan, MJ Sence, EW Van Stryland, JW Perry, DR Coulter
Applied Physics B 54, 46-51, 1992
M Sheik-Bahae, DC Hutchings, DJ Hagan, EW Van Stryland
Quantum Electron 27, 1296, 1991
Eclipsing Z-scan measurement of λ/104 wave-front distortion
T Xia, DJ Hagan, M Sheik-Bahae, EW Van Stryland
Optics letters 19 (5), 317-319, 1994
Time-resolved Z-scan measurements of optical nonlinearities
J Wang, M Sheik-Bahae, AA Said, DJ Hagan, EW Van Stryland
JOSA B 11 (6), 1009-1017, 1994
Nonlinear refraction and optical limiting in
M Sheik-Bahae, AA Said, DJ Hagan, MJ Soileau, EW Van Stryland
Optical engineering 30 (8), 1228-1235, 1991
Two-photon absorption cross-sections of common photoinitiators
KJ Schafer, JM Hales, M Balu, KD Belfield, EW Van Stryland, DJ Hagan
Journal of Photochemistry and Photobiology A: Chemistry 162 (2-3), 497-502, 2004
Optical limiting with semiconductors
EW Van Stryland, YY Wu, DJ Hagan, MJ Soileau, K Mansour
JOSA B 5 (9), 1980-1988, 1988
New two-photon absorbing fluorene derivatives: synthesis and nonlinear optical characterization
KD Belfield, DJ Hagan, EW Van Stryland, KJ Schafer, RA Negres
Organic Letters 1 (10), 1575-1578, 1999
Investigation of two-photon absorption properties in branched alkene and alkyne chromophores
A Bhaskar, G Ramakrishna, Z Lu, R Twieg, JM Hales, DJ Hagan, ...
Journal of the American Chemical Society 128 (36), 11840-11849, 2006
Measurement of nondegenerate nonlinearities using a two-color Z scan
M Sheik-Bahae, J Wang, R DeSalvo, DJ Hagan, EW Van Stryland
Optics letters 17 (4), 258-260, 1992
Near-IR two-photon photoinitiated polymerization using a fluorone/amine initiating system
KD Belfield, X Ren, EW Van Stryland, DJ Hagan, V Dubikovsky, ...
Journal of the American Chemical Society 122 (6), 1217-1218, 2000
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