Youri Meuret
Youri Meuret
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Absolute determination of photoluminescence quantum efficiency using an integrating sphere setup
S Leyre, E Coutino-Gonzalez, JJ Joos, J Ryckaert, Y Meuret, D Poelman, ...
Review of scientific instruments 85 (12), 2014
Standardized speckle measurement method matched to human speckle perception in laser projection systems
S Roelandt, Y Meuret, G Craggs, G Verschaffelt, P Janssens, H Thienpont
Optics express 20 (8), 8770-8783, 2012
Analytic design method for optimal imaging: coupling three ray sets using two free-form lens profiles
F Duerr, P Benítez, JC Minano, Y Meuret, H Thienpont
Optics express 20 (5), 5576-5585, 2012
Potential benefits of free-form optics in on-axis imaging applications with high aspect ratio
F Duerr, Y Meuret, H Thienpont
Optics Express 21 (25), 31072-31081, 2013
Ray mapping method for off-axis and non-paraxial freeform illumination lens design
K Desnijder, P Hanselaer, Y Meuret
Optics letters 44 (4), 771-774, 2019
Analytic free-form lens design in 3D: coupling three ray sets using two lens surfaces
F Duerr, P Benítez, JC Miñano, Y Meuret, H Thienpont
Optics express 20 (10), 10839-10846, 2012
Tracking integration in concentrating photovoltaics using laterally moving optics
F Duerr, Y Meuret, H Thienpont
Optics express 19 (103), A207-A218, 2011
Using a fly’s eye integrator in efficient illumination engines with multiple light-emitting diode light sources
B Van Giel, Y Meuret, H Thienpont
Optical Engineering 46 (4), 043001-043001-6, 2007
Human speckle perception threshold for still images from a laser projection system
S Roelandt, Y Meuret, A Jacobs, K Willaert, P Janssens, H Thienpont, ...
Optics express 22 (20), 23965-23979, 2014
Tailored free-form optics with movement to integrate tracking in concentrating photovoltaics
F Duerr, Y Meuret, H Thienpont
Optics Express 21 (103), A401-A411, 2013
Survey of models for acquiring the optical properties of translucent materials
JR Frisvad, SA Jensen, JS Madsen, A Correia, L Yang, SKS Gregersen, ...
Computer graphics forum 39 (2), 729-755, 2020
Demonstration of a multichannel, multiresolution imaging system
GY Belay, H Ottevaere, Y Meuret, M Vervaeke, J Van Erps, H Thienpont
Applied optics 52 (24), 6081-6089, 2013
Flexible design method for freeform lenses with an arbitrary lens contour
K Desnijder, P Hanselaer, Y Meuret
Optics Letters 42 (24), 5238-5241, 2017
Estimation of the effective phase function of bulk diffusing materials with the inverse adding-doubling method
S Leyre, Y Meuret, G Durinck, J Hofkens, G Deconinck, P Hanselaer
Applied optics 53 (10), 2117-2125, 2014
Speckle disturbance limit in laser-based cinema projection systems
G Verschaffelt, S Roelandt, Y Meuret, W Van den Broeck, K Kilpi, ...
Scientific reports 5 (1), 14105, 2015
Increased lumens per etendue by combining pulsed LEDs
H Murat, H De Smet, D Cuypers, Y Meuret, H Thienpont, M Vervaeke, ...
Projection Displays XI 5740, 1-12, 2005
Efficient illumination in LED-based projection systems using lenslet integrators
Y Meuret, B Vangiel, F Christiaens, H Thienpont
Photonics in Multimedia 6196, 48-57, 2006
Low-speckle laser projection with a broad-area vertical-cavity surface-emitting laser in the nonmodal emission regime
F Riechert, G Craggs, Y Meuret, B Van Giel, H Thienpont, U Lemmer, ...
Applied optics 48 (4), 792-798, 2009
Demonstration of a multiview projection display using decentered microlens arrays
L Bogaert, Y Meuret, S Roelandt, A Avci, H De Smet, H Thienpont
Optics Express 18 (25), 26092-26106, 2010
Power and photon budget of a remote phosphor LED module
P Acuña, S Leyre, J Audenaert, Y Meuret, G Deconinck, P Hanselaer
Optics express 22 (104), A1079-A1092, 2014
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