Charles Cockell
Charles Cockell
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The Chicxulub asteroid impact and mass extinction at the Cretaceous-Paleogene boundary
P Schulte, L Alegret, I Arenillas, JA Arz, PJ Barton, PR Bown, TJ Bralower, ...
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Ultraviolet radiation screening compounds
CS Cockell, J Knowland
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Exoplanet biosignatures: a review of remotely detectable signs of life
EW Schwieterman, NY Kiang, MN Parenteau, CE Harman, S DasSarma, ...
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Emergence of a habitable planet
K Zahnle, N Arndt, C Cockell, A Halliday, E Nisbet, F Selsis, NH Sleep
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What makes a planet habitable?
H Lammer, JH Bredehöft, A Coustenis, ML Khodachenko, L Kaltenegger, ...
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Transient liquid water and water activity at Gale crater on Mars
FJ Martín-Torres, MP Zorzano, P Valentín-Serrano, AM Harri, M Genzer, ...
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The evolution of inorganic carbon concentrating mechanisms in photosynthesis
JA Raven, CS Cockell, CL De La Rocha
Philosophical Transactions of the Royal Society B: Biological Sciences 363 …, 2008
The ultraviolet environment of Mars: biological implications past, present, and future
CS Cockell, DC Catling, WL Davis, K Snook, RL Kepner, P Lee, ...
Icarus 146 (2), 343-359, 2000
Habitability: a review
CS Cockell, T Bush, C Bryce, S Direito, M Fox-Powell, JP Harrison, ...
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Impact-generated hydrothermal systems on Earth and Mars
GR Osinski, LL Tornabene, NR Banerjee, CS Cockell, R Flemming, ...
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Biosignatures on Mars: what, where, and how? Implications for the search for martian life
F Westall, F Foucher, N Bost, M Bertrand, D Loizeau, JL Vago, G Kminek, ...
Astrobiology 15 (11), 998-1029, 2015
Life in (and on) the rocks
CP Antony, CS Cockell, YS Shouche
Journal of biosciences 37, 3-11, 2012
Biological effects of high ultraviolet radiation on early Earth—a theoretical evaluation
CS Cockell
Journal of theoretical biology 193 (4), 717-729, 1998
The limits for life under multiple extremes
JP Harrison, N Gheeraert, D Tsigelnitskiy, CS Cockell
Trends in microbiology 21 (4), 204-212, 2013
Effects of a Simulated Martian UV Flux on the Cyanobacterium, Chroococcidiopsis sp. 029
CS Cockell, AC Schuerger, D Billi, EI Friedmann, C Panitz
Astrobiology 5 (2), 127-140, 2005
The formation of peak rings in large impact craters
JV Morgan, SPS Gulick, T Bralower, E Chenot, G Christeson, P Claeys, ...
Science 354 (6314), 878-882, 2016
Cyanobacterial bacteriohopanepolyol signatures from cultures and natural environmental settings
HM Talbot, RE Summons, LL Jahnke, CS Cockell, M Rohmer, ...
Organic Geochemistry 39 (2), 232-263, 2008
Implications of a 3.472–3.333 Gyr-old subaerial microbial mat from the Barberton greenstone belt, South Africa for the UV environmental conditions on the early Earth
F Westall, CEJ De Ronde, G Southam, N Grassineau, M Colas, C Cockell, ...
Philosophical Transactions of the Royal Society B: Biological Sciences 361 …, 2006
Microbial rock inhabitants survive hypervelocity impacts on Mars-like host planets: first phase of lithopanspermia experimentally tested
G Horneck, D Stöffler, S Ott, U Hornemann, CS Cockell, R Moeller, ...
Astrobiology 8 (1), 17-44, 2008
Multiplication of microbes below 0.690 water activity: implications for terrestrial and extraterrestrial life
A Stevenson, J Burkhardt, CS Cockell, JA Cray, J Dijksterhuis, ...
Environmental microbiology 17 (2), 257-277, 2015
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