Luzia S. Germann
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Challenging the Ostwald rule of stages in mechanochemical cocrystallisation
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In situ monitoring of mechanochemical synthesis of calcium urea phosphate fertilizer cocrystal reveals highly effective water-based autocatalysis
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C Koschnick, R Stäglich, T Scholz, MW Terban, A von Mankowski, ...
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Synthesis, Crystal Structures, and Properties of M (NCS) 2‐3‐aminomethylpyridine Coordination Compounds (M= Cd, Zn)
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Monitoring polymer-assisted mechanochemical cocrystallisation through in situ X-ray powder diffraction
LS Germann, ST Emmerling, M Wilke, RE Dinnebier, M Moneghini, ...
Chemical Communications 56 (62), 8743-8746, 2020
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