Nicola Poli
Nicola Poli
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Sr Lattice Clock at 1 × 10–16 Fractional Uncertainty by Remote Optical Evaluation with a Ca Clock
AD Ludlow, T Zelevinsky, GK Campbell, S Blatt, MM Boyd, ...
Science 319 (5871), 1805-1808, 2008
Long-lived Bloch oscillations with bosonic Sr atoms and application to gravity measurement at the micrometer scale
G Ferrari, N Poli, F Sorrentino, GM Tino
Physical Review Letters 97 (6), 060402, 2006
Test of Einstein equivalence principle for 0-spin and half-integer-spin atoms: search for spin-gravity coupling effects
MG Tarallo, T Mazzoni, N Poli, DV Sutyrin, X Zhang, GM Tino
Physical review letters 113 (2), 023005, 2014
Precision measurement of gravity with cold atoms in an optical lattice and comparison with a classical gravimeter
N Poli, FY Wang, MG Tarallo, A Alberti, M Prevedelli, GM Tino
Physical review letters 106 (3), 038501, 2011
Imaging Optical Frequencies with Precision and Resolution
GE Marti, RB Hutson, A Goban, SL Campbell, N Poli, J Ye
Physical review letters 120 (10), 103201, 2018
Optical atomic clocks
N Poli, CW Oates, P Gill, GM Tino
La Rivista del Nuovo Cimento 36 (12), 555-624, 2013
Optical lattice induced light shifts in an Yb atomic clock
ZW Barber, JE Stalnaker, ND Lemke, N Poli, CW Oates, TM Fortier, ...
Physical Review Letters 100 (10), 103002, 2008
High-accuracy coherent optical frequency transfer over a doubled 642-km fiber link
D Calonico, EK Bertacco, CE Calosso, C Clivati, GA Costanzo, M Frittelli, ...
Applied Physics B 117, 979-986, 2014
Atom interferometry with the Sr optical clock transition
L Hu, N Poli, L Salvi, GM Tino
Physical review letters 119 (26), 263601, 2017
Einstein Gravity Explorer–a medium-class fundamental physics mission
S Schiller, GM Tino, P Gill, C Salomon, U Sterr, E Peik, A Nevsky, A Görlitz, ...
Experimental astronomy 23, 573-610, 2009
Frequency evaluation of the doubly forbidden transition in bosonic
N Poli, ZW Barber, ND Lemke, CW Oates, LS Ma, JE Stalnaker, TM Fortier, ...
Physical Review A 77 (5), 050501, 2008
A transportable strontium optical lattice clock
N Poli, M Schioppo, S Vogt, S Falke, U Sterr, C Lisdat, GM Tino
Applied Physics B 117, 1107-1116, 2014
Precision frequency measurement of visible intercombination lines of strontium
G Ferrari, P Cancio, R Drullinger, G Giusfredi, N Poli, M Prevedelli, ...
Physical review letters 91 (24), 243002, 2003
Development of a strontium optical lattice clock for the SOC mission on the ISS
K Bongs, Y Singh, L Smith, W He, O Kock, D Świerad, J Hughes, ...
Comptes Rendus Physique 16 (5), 553-564, 2015
SAGE: A proposal for a space atomic gravity explorer
GM Tino, A Bassi, G Bianco, K Bongs, P Bouyer, L Cacciapuoti, ...
The European Physical Journal D 73 (11), 1-20, 2019
Large-momentum-transfer Bragg interferometer with strontium atoms
T Mazzoni, X Zhang, R Del Aguila, L Salvi, N Poli, GM Tino
Physical Review A 92 (5), 053619, 2015
Quantum sensor for atom-surface interactions below
F Sorrentino, A Alberti, G Ferrari, VV Ivanov, N Poli, M Schioppo, GM Tino
Physical Review A 79 (1), 013409, 2009
Cooling and trapping of ultracold strontium isotopic mixtures
N Poli, RE Drullinger, G Ferrari, J Léonard, F Sorrentino, GM Tino
Physical Review A 71 (6), 061403, 2005
Anharmonic parametric excitation in optical lattices
R Jáuregui, N Poli, G Roati, G Modugno
Physical Review A 64 (3), 033403, 2001
A compact and efficient strontium oven for laser-cooling experiments
M Schioppo, N Poli, M Prevedelli, S Falke, C Lisdat, U Sterr, GM Tino
Review of Scientific Instruments 83 (10), 2012
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