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He Jintang
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CD90 is identified as a candidate marker for cancer stem cells in primary high-grade gliomas using tissue microarrays
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Decoupling stability and release in disulfide bonds with antibody-small molecule conjugates
T Pillow, J Sadowsky, D Zhang, SF Yu, G del Rosario, K Xu, J He, ...
Chemical Science, 2016
Identification and confirmation of differentially expressed fucosylated glycoproteins in the serum of ovarian cancer patients using a lectin array and LC–MS/MS
J Wu, X Xie, Y Liu, J He, R Benitez, RJ Buckanovich, DM Lubman
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Identification of cell surface glycoprotein markers for glioblastoma-derived stem-like cells using a lectin microarray and LC− MS/MS approach
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Identification and confirmation of biomarkers using an integrated platform for quantitative analysis of glycoproteins and their glycosylations
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Mining the human urine proteome for monitoring renal transplant injury
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Identification of glycoprotein markers for pancreatic cancer CD24+ CD44+ stem-like cells using nano-LC–MS/MS and tissue microarray
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Antibody-mediated delivery of chimeric protein degraders which target estrogen receptor alpha (ERα)
PS Dragovich, P Adhikari, RA Blake, N Blaquiere, J Chen, YX Cheng, ...
Bioorganic & medicinal chemistry letters 30 (4), 126907, 2020
Modulating Therapeutic Activity and Toxicity of Pyrrolobenzodiazepine Antibody–Drug Conjugates with Self-Immolative Disulfide Linkers
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Modulating Antibody–Drug Conjugate Payload Metabolism by Conjugation Site and Linker Modification
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Comparative studies of early liver dysfunction in senescence-accelerated mouse using mitochondrial proteomics approaches
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Development of Efficient Chemistry to Generate Site-Specific Disulfide-Linked Protein–and Peptide–Payload Conjugates: Application to THIOMAB Antibody–Drug Conjugates
JD Sadowsky, TH Pillow, J Chen, F Fan, C He, Y Wang, G Yan, H Yao, ...
Bioconjugate Chemistry 28 (8), 2086-2098, 2017
Attachment Site Cysteine Thiol pKa Is a Key Driver for Site-Dependent Stability of THIOMAB Antibody–Drug Conjugates
BS Vollmar, B Wei, R Ohri, J Zhou, J He, SF Yu, D Leipold, E Cosino, ...
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High-Resolution Accurate-Mass Mass Spectrometry Enabling In-Depth Characterization of in Vivo Biotransformations for Intact Antibody-Drug Conjugates
J He, D Su, C Ng, L Liu, SF Yu, TH Pillow, G Del Rosario, M Darwish, ...
Analytical Chemistry 89 (10), 5476-5483, 2017
Long-gradient separations coupled with selected reaction monitoring for highly sensitive, large scale targeted protein quantification in a single analysis
T Shi, TL Fillmore, Y Gao, R Zhao, J He, AA Schepmoes, CD Nicora, ...
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Glycoproteomic analysis of glioblastoma stem cell differentiation
J He, Y Liu, TS Zhu, X Xie, MA Costello, CE Talsma, CG Flack, ...
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Antibody-independent targeted quantification of TMPRSS2-ERG fusion protein products in prostate cancer
J He, X Sun, T Shi, AA Schepmoes, TL Fillmore, VA Petyuk, F Xie, R Zhao, ...
Molecular oncology 8 (7), 1169-1180, 2014
Chemical structure and concentration of intratumor catabolites determine efficacy of antibody drug conjugates
D Zhang, SF Yu, Y Ma, K Xu, PS Dragovich, TH Pillow, L Liu, ...
Drug Metabolism and Disposition 44 (9), 1517-1523, 2016
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