Benjamin Brecht
Benjamin Brecht
Integrated Quantum Optics, Paderborn University
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Photon temporal modes: a complete framework for quantum information science
B Brecht, DV Reddy, C Silberhorn, MG Raymer
Physical Review X 5 (4), 041017, 2015
A quantum pulse gate based on spectrally engineered sum frequency generation
A Eckstein, B Brecht, C Silberhorn
Optics express 19 (15), 13770-13778, 2011
An optimized photon pair source for quantum circuits
G Harder, V Ansari, B Brecht, T Dirmeier, C Marquardt, C Silberhorn
Optics express 21 (12), 13975-13985, 2013
Theory of quantum frequency conversion and type-II parametric down-conversion in the high-gain regime
A Christ, B Brecht, W Mauerer, C Silberhorn
New Journal of Physics 15 (5), 053038, 2013
From quantum pulse gate to quantum pulse shaper—engineered frequency conversion in nonlinear optical waveguides
B Brecht, A Eckstein, A Christ, H Suche, C Silberhorn
New Journal of Physics 13 (6), 065029, 2011
High-speed noise-free optical quantum memory
KT Kaczmarek, PM Ledingham, B Brecht, SE Thomas, GS Thekkadath, ...
Physical Review A 97 (4), 042316, 2018
Demonstration of coherent time-frequency Schmidt mode selection using dispersion-engineered frequency conversion
B Brecht, A Eckstein, R Ricken, V Quiring, H Suche, L Sansoni, ...
Physical Review A 90 (3), 030302, 2014
Direct generation of genuine single-longitudinal-mode narrowband photon pairs
KH Luo, H Herrmann, S Krapick, B Brecht, R Ricken, V Quiring, H Suche, ...
New Journal of Physics 17 (7), 073039, 2015
Tailoring nonlinear processes for quantum optics with pulsed temporal-mode encodings
V Ansari, JM Donohue, B Brecht, C Silberhorn
Optica 5 (5), 534-550, 2018
Highly efficient frequency conversion with bandwidth compression of quantum light
M Allgaier, V Ansari, L Sansoni, C Eigner, V Quiring, R Ricken, G Harder, ...
Nature communications 8 (1), 14288, 2017
An efficient integrated two-color source for heralded single photons
S Krapick, H Herrmann, V Quiring, B Brecht, H Suche, C Silberhorn
New Journal of Physics 15 (3), 033010, 2013
Bridging visible and telecom wavelengths with a single-mode broadband photon pair source
C Söller, B Brecht, PJ Mosley, LY Zang, A Podlipensky, NY Joly, ...
Physical Review A 81 (3), 031801, 2010
Tomography and purification of the temporal-mode structure of quantum light
V Ansari, JM Donohue, M Allgaier, L Sansoni, B Brecht, J Roslund, ...
Physical review letters 120 (21), 213601, 2018
Uncovering quantum correlations with time-multiplexed click detection
J Sperling, M Bohmann, W Vogel, G Harder, B Brecht, V Ansari, ...
Physical Review Letters 115 (2), 023601, 2015
Temporal-mode measurement tomography of a quantum pulse gate
V Ansari, G Harder, M Allgaier, B Brecht, C Silberhorn
Physical Review A 96 (6), 063817, 2017
Theory of noise suppression in -type quantum memories by means of a cavity
J Nunn, JHD Munns, S Thomas, KT Kaczmarek, C Qiu, A Feizpour, ...
Physical Review A 96 (1), 012338, 2017
On-chip generation of photon-triplet states
S Krapick, B Brecht, H Herrmann, V Quiring, C Silberhorn
Optics express 24 (3), 2836-2849, 2016
Ultrahigh and persistent optical depths of cesium in Kagomé-type hollow-core photonic crystal fibers
KT Kaczmarek, DJ Saunders, MR Sprague, WS Kolthammer, A Feizpour, ...
Optics letters 40 (23), 5582-5585, 2015
Achieving the ultimate quantum timing resolution
V Ansari, B Brecht, J Gil-Lopez, JM Donohue, J Řeháček, Z Hradil, ...
PRX Quantum 2 (1), 010301, 2021
Characterizing entanglement in pulsed parametric down-conversion using chronocyclic Wigner functions
B Brecht, C Silberhorn
Physical Review A 87 (5), 053810, 2013
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