Goran Durn
Goran Durn
University of Zagreb Faculty of Mining, Geology and Petroleum Engineering
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Mineralogical and geochemical indicators of the polygenetic nature of terra rossa in Istria, Croatia
G Durn, F Ottner, D Slovenec
Geoderma 91 (1-2), 125-150, 1999
Terra rossa in the Mediterranean region: parent materials, composition and origin
G Durn
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The effect of drilling fluids and crude oil on some chemical characteristics of soil and crops
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Applied and environmental microbiology 80 (9), 2860-2866, 2014
Evaluation of terra rossa geochemical baselines from Croatian karst regions
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Loess chronostratigraphy in Eastern Croatia—A luminescence dating approach
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G Durn, D Aljinović, M Crnjaković, B Lugović
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Distribution of iron and manganese in Terra Rossa from Istria and its genetic implications
G Durn, D Slovenec, M Čović
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The Idrija mercury mine, Slovenia, a semi-millennium of continuous operation: an ecological impact
LA Palinkaš, S Pirc, SF Miko, G Durn, K Namjesnik, S Kapelj
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S Miko, G Durn, R Adamcová, M Čović, M Dubikova, R Skalský, S Kapelj, ...
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Climate and relief influence on particle size distribution and chemical properties of Pseudogley soils in Croatia
V Rubinić, B Lazarević, S Husnjak, G Durn
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Conceptual model for groundwater status and risk assessment-case study of the Zagreb aquifer system
Z Nakić, S Ružičić, K Posavec, M Mileusnić, J Parlov, A Bačani, G Durn
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Extensively and multi drug-resistant Acinetobacter baumannii recovered from technosol at a dump site in Croatia
J Hrenovic, G Durn, MS Music, S Dekic, T Troskot-Corbic, D Skoric
Science of the total environment 607, 1049-1055, 2017
Composition, properties and formation of Pseudogley on loess along a precipitation gradient in the Pannonian region of Croatia
V Rubinić, G Durn, S Husnjak, N Tadej
Catena 113, 138-149, 2014
Regional subaerial unconformities in shallow-marine carbonate sequences of Istria: sedimentology, mineralogy, geochemistry and micromorphology of associated bauxites …
G Durn, F Ottner, J Tišljar, A Mindszenty, U Barudžija
22nd IAS Meeting of Sedimentology: field trip guidebook, Opatija, 209-254, 2003
Distribution and behaviour of selected elements in soil developed over a historical Pb–Ag mining site at Sv. Jakob, Croatia
G Durn, S Miko, M Čović, U Barudžija, N Tadej, K Namjesnik-Dejanović, ...
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Compositional changes of surface sediments and variability of manganese nodules in the Peru Basin
V Marchig, U von Stackelberg, H Hufnagel, G Durn
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Luminescence dating and palaeomagnetic age constraint of a last glacial loess-palaeosol sequence from Istria, Croatia
J Zhang, C Rolf, L Wacha, S Tsukamoto, G Durn, M Frechen
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Hydrothermal activity associated with off-axis volcanism in the Peru Basin
V Marchig, U Von Stackelberg, M Wiedicke, G Durn, D Milovanovic
Marine Geology 159 (1-4), 179-203, 1999
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