Steven R Ahrendt
Steven R Ahrendt
DOE Joint Genome Institute
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Shared Signatures of Parasitism and Phylogenomics Unite Cryptomycota and Microsporidia
TY James, A Pelin, L Bonen, S Ahrendt, D Sain, N Corradi, JE Stajich
Current Biology 23 (16), 1548-1553, 2013
Widespread adenine N6-methylation of active genes in fungi
SJ Mondo, RO Dannebaum, RC Kuo, KB Louie, AJ Bewick, K LaButti, ...
Nature genetics 49 (6), 964, 2017
Molecular and morphological characterization of cyanobacterial diversity in the stromatolites of Highborne Cay, Bahamas
JS Foster, SJ Green, SR Ahrendt, S Golubic, RP Reid, KL Hetherington, ...
The ISME Journal 3 (5), 573-587, 2009
Leveraging single-cell genomics to expand the fungal tree of life
SR Ahrendt, CA Quandt, D Ciobanu, A Clum, A Salamov, B Andreopoulos, ...
Nature microbiology, 1, 2018
3D-SURFER: software for high-throughput protein surface comparison and analysis
D La, J Esquivel-Rodríguez, V Venkatraman, B Li, L Sael, S Ueng, ...
Bioinformatics 25 (21), 2843, 2009
Impact of simulated microgravity on the normal developmental time line of an animal-bacteria symbiosis
JS Foster, CLM Khodadad, SR Ahrendt, ML Parrish
Scientific reports 3, 1340, 2013
Meeting Report: Fungal ITS Workshop (October 2012)
ST Bates, S Ahrendt, HM Bik, TD Bruns, JG Caporaso, J Cole, M Dwan, ...
Standards in genomic sciences 8 (1), 118, 2013
Global Analysis of Predicted G Protein− Coupled Receptor Genes in the Filamentous Fungus, Neurospora crassa
IE Cabrera, IV Pacentine, A Lim, N Guerrero, S Krystofova, L Li, ...
G3: Genes, Genomes, Genetics 5 (12), 2729-2743, 2015
Substrate-Specific Differential Gene Expression and RNA editing in the Brown Rot Fungus Fomitopsis pinicola
B Wu, J Gaskell, BW Held, C Toapanta, T Vuong, S Ahrendt, A Lipzen, ...
Applied and environmental microbiology, AEM. 00991-18, 2018
Effects of Elevated Carbon Dioxide and Salinity on the Microbial Diversity in Lithifying Microbial Mats
SR Ahrendt, JM Mobberley, PT Visscher, LL Koss, JS Foster
Minerals 4 (1), 145-169, 2014
Potential of the Euprymna/Vibrio Symbiosis as a Model to Assess the Impact of Microgravity on Bacteria-Induced Animal Development
JS Foster, KR Kerney, ML Parrish, CLM Khodadad, SR Ahrendt
Gravitational and Space Research 25 (1), 2011
Draft Genome Sequence of the Basidiomycete White-Rot Fungus Phlebia centrifuga
MR Mäkelä, M Peng, Z Granchi, T Chin-A-Woeng, R Hegi, SI van Pelt, ...
Genome announcements 6 (14), e01414-17, 2018
Exploring the binding properties and structural stability of an opsin in the chytrid Spizellomyces punctatus using comparative and molecular modeling
SR Ahrendt, EM Medina, AC Chia-en, JE Stajich
PeerJ 5, e3206, 2017
Investigating the Evolution of Environmental and Biotic Interactions in Basal Fungal Lineages Through Comparative Genomics
SR Ahrendt
University of California, Riverside, 2015
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