Nicholas J W Rattray
Nicholas J W Rattray
Senior Lecturer in Clinical Metabolism
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New cofactor supports α, β-unsaturated acid decarboxylation via 1, 3-dipolar cycloaddition
KAP Payne, MD White, K Fisher, B Khara, SS Bailey, D Parker, ...
Nature 522 (7557), 497-501, 2015
An automated Design-Build-Test-Learn pipeline for enhanced microbial production of fine chemicals
P Carbonell, AJ Jervis, CJ Robinson, C Yan, M Dunstan, N Swainston, ...
Communications biology 1 (1), 66, 2018
UbiX is a flavin prenyltransferase required for bacterial ubiquinone biosynthesis
MD White, KAP Payne, K Fisher, SA Marshall, D Parker, NJW Rattray, ...
Nature 522 (7557), 502-506, 2015
Systems biology guided by XCMS Online metabolomics
T Huan, EM Forsberg, D Rinehart, CH Johnson, J Ivanisevic, HP Benton, ...
Nature methods 14 (5), 461-462, 2017
Taking your breath away: metabolomics breathes life in to personalized medicine
NJW Rattray, Z Hamrang, DK Trivedi, R Goodacre, SJ Fowler
Trends in biotechnology 32 (10), 538-548, 2014
Electronic cigarette exposure triggers neutrophil inflammatory responses
A Higham, NJW Rattray, JA Dewhurst, DK Trivedi, SJ Fowler, R Goodacre, ...
Respiratory research 17, 1-11, 2016
Meat, the metabolites: An integrated metabolite profiling and lipidomics approach for the detection of the adulteration of beef with pork
DK Trivedi, KA Hollywood, NJW Rattray, H Ward, DK Trivedi, ...
Analyst 141 (7), 2155-2164, 2016
Beyond genomics: understanding exposotypes through metabolomics
NJW Rattray, NC Deziel, JD Wallach, SA Khan, V Vasiliou, JPA Ioannidis, ...
Human genomics 12, 1-14, 2018
Machine Learning of Designed Translational Control Allows Predictive Pathway Optimization in Escherichia coli
AJ Jervis, P Carbonell, M Vinaixa, MS Dunstan, KA Hollywood, ...
ACS synthetic biology 8 (1), 127-136, 2018
Proteins behaving badly: emerging technologies in profiling biopharmaceutical aggregation
Z Hamrang, NJW Rattray, A Pluen
Trends in biotechnology 31 (8), 448-458, 2013
Identification and prospective stability of electronic nose (eNose)–derived inflammatory phenotypes in patients with severe asthma
P Brinkman, AH Wagener, PP Hekking, AT Bansal, ...
Journal of Allergy and Clinical Immunology 143 (5), 1811-1820. e7, 2019
Metabolic dysregulation in vitamin E and carnitine shuttle energy mechanisms associate with human frailty
NJW Rattray, DK Trivedi, Y Xu, T Chandola, CH Johnson, AD Marshall, ...
Nature communications 10 (1), 5027, 2019
Biochemical analyses of sorghum varieties reveal differential responses to drought
CC Ogbaga, P Stepien, BC Dyson, NJW Rattray, DI Ellis, R Goodacre, ...
PloS one 11 (5), e0154423, 2016
Bioinformatics for the synthetic biology of natural products: integrating across the Design–Build–Test cycle
NJW Rattray
Natural product reports 33 (8), 925-932, 2016
Kynurenic acid may underlie sex-specific immune responses to COVID-19
Y Cai, DJ Kim, T Takahashi, DI Broadhurst, H Yan, S Ma, NJW Rattray, ...
Science Signaling 14 (690), eabf8483, 2021
Environmental influences in the etiology of colorectal cancer: the premise of metabolomics
NJW Rattray, G Charkoftaki, Z Rattray, JE Hansen, V Vasiliou, ...
Current pharmacology reports 3, 114-125, 2017
Production of alkenes and novel secondary products by P450 OleTJE using novel H2O2‐generating fusion protein systems
S Matthews, KL Tee, NJ Rattray, KJ McLean, D Leys, DA Parker, ...
FEBS letters 591 (5), 737-750, 2017
FUM2, a Cytosolic Fumarase, Is Essential for Acclimation to Low Temperature in Arabidopsis thaliana
BC Dyson, MAE Miller, R Feil, N Rattray, CG Bowsher, R Goodacre, ...
Plant Physiology 172 (1), 118-127, 2016
BreathDx–molecular analysis of exhaled breath as a diagnostic test for ventilator–associated pneumonia: protocol for a European multicentre observational study
PMP van Oort, T Nijsen, H Weda, H Knobel, P Dark, T Felton, NJW Rattray, ...
BMC pulmonary medicine 17, 1-8, 2017
Intermittent energy restriction induces changes in breast gene expression and systemic metabolism
MN Harvie, AH Sims, M Pegington, K Spence, A Mitchell, AA Vaughan, ...
Breast Cancer Research 18, 1-14, 2016
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