Fabio V. Difonzo
Fabio V. Difonzo
Istituto per le Applicazioni del Calcolo (IAC), CNR
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The 1D Richards’ equation in two layered soils: a Filippov approach to treat discontinuities
M Berardi, F Difonzo, M Vurro, L Lopez
Advances in water resources 115, 264-272, 2018
A mixed MoL–TMoL for the numerical solution of the 2D Richards’ equation in layered soils
M Berardi, F Difonzo, L Lopez
Computers & Mathematics with Applications 79 (7), 1990-2001, 2020
The moments sliding vector field on the intersection of two manifolds
L Dieci, F Difonzo
Journal of Dynamics and Differential Equations 29 (1), 169-201, 2017
A comparison of Filippov sliding vector fields in codimension 2
L Dieci, F Difonzo
Journal of computational and applied mathematics 262, 161-179, 2014
A transversal method of lines for the numerical modeling of vertical infiltration into the vadose zone
M Berardi, F Difonzo, F Notarnicola, M Vurro
Applied Numerical Mathematics 135, 264-275, 2019
Shooting the numerical solution of moisture flow equation with root water uptake models: A python tool
FV Difonzo, C Masciopinto, M Vurro, M Berardi
Water Resources Management 35 (8), 2553-2567, 2021
Strong solutions for Richards’ equation with Cauchy conditions and constant pressure gradient
M Berardi, FV Difonzo
Environmental Fluid Mechanics 20 (1), 165-174, 2020
A quadrature-based scheme for numerical solutions to Kirchhoff transformed Richards' equation
M Berardi, FV Difonzo
Journal of Computational Dynamics 9 (2), 69-84, 2022
A note on attractivity for the intersection of two discontinuity manifolds
FV Difonzo
Opuscula Mathematica 40 (6), 685–-702, 2020
A numerical method for a nonlocal form of Richards' equation based on peridynamic theory
M Berardi, FV Difonzo, SF Pellegrino
Computers & Mathematics with Applications 143, 23-32, 2023
On the inverse of some sign matrices and on the moments sliding vector field on the intersection of several manifolds: Nodally attractive case
L Dieci, F Difonzo
Journal of Dynamics and Differential Equations 29 (4), 1355-1381, 2017
Existence, uniqueness and approximation of solutions to Carathéodory delay differential equations
FV Difonzo, P Przybyłowicz, Y Wu
Journal of Computational and Applied Mathematics 436, 115411, 2024
Minimum variation solutions for sliding vector fields on the intersection of two surfaces in R3
L Dieci, F Difonzo
Journal of Computational and Applied Mathematics 292, 732-745, 2016
A preliminary model for optimal control of moisture content in unsaturated soils
M Berardi, FV Difonzo, R Guglielmi
Computational Geosciences 27 (6), 1133-1144, 2023
Isochronous Attainable Manifolds for Piecewise Smooth Dynamical Systems
FV Difonzo
Qualitative Theory of Dynamical Systems 21 (1), 6, 2022
Numerical Modeling of Peridynamic Richards’ Equation with Piecewise Smooth Initial Conditions Using Spectral Methods
FV Difonzo, F Di Lena
Symmetry 15 (5), 960, 2023
A Numerical Procedure for Fractional-Time-Space Differential Equations with the Spectral Fractional Laplacian
FV Difonzo, R Garrappa
INdAM workshop on Fractional Differential Equations: Modeling …, 2021
The Moments sliding vector field On the Intersection of Two Surfaces
L Dieci, F Difonzo
Preprint, 2014
Physics informed neural networks for an inverse problem in peridynamic models
FV Difonzo, L Lopez, SF Pellegrino
arXiv preprint arXiv:2312.11316, 2023
On the Injectivity of Mean Value Mapping between Convex Quadrilaterals
L Dieci, FV Difonzo
arXiv preprint arXiv:2208.01037, 2022
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