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Dongfei Wang
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Evidence for Majorana bound states in an iron-based superconductor
D Wang, L Kong, P Fan, H Chen, S Zhu, W Liu, L Cao, Y Sun, S Du, ...
Science 362 (6412), 333-335, 2018
Nearly quantized conductance plateau of vortex zero mode in an iron-based superconductor
S Zhu, L Kong, L Cao, H Chen, M Papaj, S Du, Y Xing, W Liu, D Wang, ...
Science 367 (6474), 189-192, 2020
Half-integer level shift of vortex bound states in an iron-based superconductor
L Kong, S Zhu, M Papaj, H Chen, L Cao, H Isobe, Y Xing, W Liu, D Wang, ...
Nature Physics 15 (11), 1181-1187, 2019
Atomically precise, custom-design origami graphene nanostructures
H Chen, XL Zhang, YY Zhang, D Wang, DL Bao, Y Que, W Xiao, S Du, ...
Science 365 (6457), 1036-1040, 2019
Construction of bilayer PdSe2 on epitaxial graphene
E Li, D Wang, P Fan, R Zhang, YY Zhang, G Li, J Mao, Y Wang, X Lin, ...
Nano Research 11, 5858-5865, 2018
Spin-polarized Yu-Shiba-Rusinov states in an iron-based superconductor
D Wang, J Wiebe, R Zhong, G Gu, R Wiesendanger
Physical Review Letters 126 (7), 076802, 2021
Tunable giant magnetoresistance in a single-molecule junction
K Yang, H Chen, T Pope, Y Hu, L Liu, D Wang, L Tao, W Xiao, X Fei, ...
Nature Communications 10 (1), 3599, 2019
Stacking-dependent electronic property of trilayer graphene epitaxially grown on Ru (0001)
Y Que, W Xiao, H Chen, D Wang, S Du, HJ Gao
Applied Physics Letters 107 (26), 263101, 2015
Room-temperature, low-barrier boron doping of graphene
L Pan, Y Que, H Chen, D Wang, J Li, C Shen, W Xiao, S Du, H Gao, ...
Nano Letters 15 (10), 6464-6468, 2015
Bandgap broadening at grain boundaries in single-layer MoS2
D Wang, H Yu, L Tao, W Xiao, P Fan, T Zhang, M Liao, W Guo, D Shi, ...
Nano Research 11, 6102-6109, 2018
Fabrication of millimeter‐scale, single‐crystal one‐third‐hydrogenated graphene with anisotropic electronic properties
H Chen, DL Bao, D Wang, Y Que, W Xiao, G Qian, H Guo, J Sun, ...
Advanced Materials 30 (32), 1801838, 2018
Stereoselective On‐Surface Cyclodehydrofluorization of a Tetraphenylporphyrin and Homochiral Self‐Assembly
H Chen, L Tao, D Wang, ZY Wu, JL Zhang, S Gao, W Xiao, S Du, KH Ernst, ...
Angewandte Chemie 132 (40), 17566-17569, 2020
Recovery of edge states of graphene nanoislands on an iridium substrate by silicon intercalation
H Chen, Y Que, L Tao, YY Zhang, X Lin, W Xiao, D Wang, S Du, ...
Nano Research 11, 3722-3729, 2018
Evidence for ultralow-energy vibrations in large organic molecules
H Chen, T Pope, ZY Wu, D Wang, L Tao, DL Bao, W Xiao, JL Zhang, ...
Nano Letters 17 (8), 4929-4933, 2017
Edge-and strain-induced band bending in bilayer-monolayer Pb2Se3 heterostructures
P Fan, G Qian, D Wang, E Li, Q Wang, H Chen, X Lin, HJ Gao
Chinese Physics B 30 (1), 018105, 2021
Surface orbital order and chemical potential inhomogeneity of the iron-based superconductor investigated with special STM tips
D Wang, R Zhong, G Gu, R Wiesendanger
Physical Review Research 3 (3), L032055, 2021
Recent progress of scanning tunneling microscopy/spectroscopy study of Majorana bound states in the FeTe0. 55Se0. 45 superconductor
G Li, S Zhu, D Wang, Y Wang, HJ Gao
Superconductor Science and Technology 34 (7), 073001, 2021
Epitaxial synthesis and electronic properties of monolayer Pd2Se3
P Fan, RZ Zhang, J Qi, E Li, GJ Qian, H Chen, DF Wang, Q Zheng, ...
Chinese Physics B 29 (9), 098102, 2020
Edge states of graphene wrinkles in single-layer graphene grown on Ni (111)
L Liu, W Xiao, D Wang, K Yang, L Tao, HJ Gao
Applied Physics Letters 109 (14), 143103, 2016
Fabrication and manipulation of nanosized graphene homojunction with atomically-controlled boundaries
H Chen, DL Bao, D Wang, Y Que, W Xiao, YY Zhang, J Sun, S Du, ...
Nano Research 13, 3286-3291, 2020
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