Thomas D. Economon
Thomas D. Economon
SU2 Foundation
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SU2: An open-source suite for multiphysics simulation and design
TD Economon, F Palacios, SR Copeland, TW Lukaczyk, JJ Alonso
Aiaa Journal 54 (3), 828-846, 2016
Stanford University Unstructured (SU2): An open-source integrated computational environment for multi-physics simulation and design
F Palacios, J Alonso, K Duraisamy, M Colonno, J Hicken, A Aranake, ...
51st AIAA aerospace sciences meeting including the new horizons forum and …, 2013
Stanford university unstructured (SU2): Analysis and design technology for turbulent flows
F Palacios, TD Economon, A Aranake, SR Copeland, AK Lonkar, ...
52nd Aerospace Sciences Meeting, 0243, 2014
SUAVE: an open-source environment for multi-fidelity conceptual vehicle design
TW Lukaczyk, AD Wendorff, M Colonno, TD Economon, JJ Alonso, ...
16th AIAA/ISSMO Multidisciplinary Analysis and Optimization Conference, 3087, 2015
Extension of the su2 open source cfd code to the simulation of turbulent flows of fuids modelled with complex thermophysical laws
S Vitale, G Gori, M Pini, A Guardone, TD Economon, F Palacios, ...
22nd AIAA Computational Fluid Dynamics Conference, 2760, 2015
Combining differentiable PDE solvers and graph neural networks for fluid flow prediction
FDA Belbute-Peres, T Economon, Z Kolter
international conference on machine learning, 2402-2411, 2020
Large-scale aircraft design using SU2
F Palacios, TD Economon, JJ Alonso
53rd AIAA aerospace sciences meeting, 1946, 2015
Unsteady continuous adjoint approach for aerodynamic design on dynamic meshes
TD Economon, F Palacios, JJ Alonso
AIAA Journal 53 (9), 2437-2453, 2015
Verification and Validation of HiFiLES: a High-Order LES unstructured solver on multi-GPU platforms
MR López, A Sheshadri, JR Bull, TD Economon, J Romero, JE Watkins, ...
32nd AIAA applied aerodynamics conference, 3168, 2014
Performance optimizations for scalable implicit RANS calculations with SU2
TD Economon, D Mudigere, G Bansal, A Heinecke, F Palacios, J Park, ...
Computers & Fluids 129, 146-158, 2016
SU2: the open-source software for non-ideal compressible flows
M Pini, S Vitale, P Colonna, G Gori, A Guardone, T Economon, JJ Alonso, ...
Journal of Physics: Conference Series 821 (1), 012013, 2017
Coupled adjoint‐based sensitivities in large‐displacement fluid‐structure interaction using algorithmic differentiation
R Sanchez, T Albring, R Palacios, NR Gauger, TD Economon, JJ Alonso
International Journal for Numerical Methods in Engineering 113 (7), 1081-1107, 2018
A viscous continuous adjoint approach for the design of rotating engineering applications
TD Economon, F Palacios, JJ Alonso
21st AIAA computational fluid dynamics conference, 2580, 2013
A discrete adjoint framework for unsteady aerodynamic and aeroacoustic optimization
BY Zhou, TA Albring, NR Gauger, TD Economon, F Palacios, JJ Alonso
16th AIAA/ISSMO multidisciplinary analysis and optimization conference, 3355, 2015
Towards a fluid-structure interaction solver for problems with large deformations within the open-source SU2 suite
R Sanchez, R Palacios, TD Economon, HL Kline, JJ Alonso, F Palacios
57th AIAA/ASCE/AHS/ASC Structures, Structural Dynamics, and Materials …, 2016
Adjoint-based fluid dynamic design optimization in quasi-periodic unsteady flow problems using a harmonic balance method
A Rubino, M Pini, P Colonna, T Albring, S Nimmagadda, T Economon, ...
Journal of Computational Physics 372, 220-235, 2018
Towards high-performance optimizations of the unstructured open-source SU2 suite
TD Economon, F Palacios, JJ Alonso, G Bansal, D Mudigere, ...
AIAA Infotech@ Aerospace, 1949, 2015
Optimal shape design for open rotor blades
T Economon, F Palacios, J Alonso
30th AIAA Applied Aerodynamics Conference, 3018, 2012
A coupled-adjoint method for aerodynamic and aeroacoustic optimization
TD Economon, F Palacios, JJ Alonso
AIAA Paper 5598, 2012, 2012
CUPyDO-An integrated Python environment for coupled fluid-structure simulations
D Thomas, ML Cerquaglia, R Boman, TD Economon, JJ Alonso, ...
Advances in Engineering Software 128, 69-85, 2019
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