Vladimir Shulaev
Vladimir Shulaev
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ROS signaling: the new wave?
R Mittler, S Vanderauwera, N Suzuki, GAD Miller, VB Tognetti, ...
Trends in plant science 16 (6), 300-309, 2011
When defense pathways collide. The response of Arabidopsis to a combination of drought and heat stress
L Rizhsky, H Liang, J Shuman, V Shulaev, S Davletova, R Mittler
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Abiotic and biotic stress combinations
N Suzuki, RM Rivero, V Shulaev, E Blumwald, R Mittler
New Phytologist 203 (1), 32-43, 2014
The genome of woodland strawberry (Fragaria vesca)
V Shulaev, DJ Sargent, RN Crowhurst, TC Mockler, O Folkerts, ...
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Reactive oxygen signaling and abiotic stress
G Miller, V Shulaev, R Mittler
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The plant NADPH oxidase RBOHD mediates rapid systemic signaling in response to diverse stimuli
G Miller, K Schlauch, R Tam, D Cortes, MA Torres, V Shulaev, JL Dangl, ...
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Cytosolic ascorbate peroxidase 1 is a central component of the reactive oxygen gene network of Arabidopsis
S Davletova, L Rizhsky, H Liang, Z Shengqiang, DJ Oliver, J Coutu, ...
The Plant Cell 17 (1), 268-281, 2005
Airborne signalling by methyl salicylate in plant pathogen resistance
V Shulaev, P Silverman, I Raskin
Nature 385 (6618), 718-721, 1997
Respiratory burst oxidases: the engines of ROS signaling
N Suzuki, G Miller, J Morales, V Shulaev, MA Torres, R Mittler
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Metabolomics for plant stress response
V Shulaev, D Cortes, G Miller, R Mittler
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Transcriptomic footprints disclose specificity of reactive oxygen species signaling in Arabidopsis
I Gadjev, S Vanderauwera, TS Gechev, C Laloi, IN Minkov, V Shulaev, ...
Plant physiology 141 (2), 436-445, 2006
Metabolomics technology and bioinformatics
V Shulaev
Briefings in bioinformatics 7 (2), 128-139, 2006
Ascorbate peroxidase 1 plays a key role in the response of Arabidopsis thaliana to stress combination
S Koussevitzky, N Suzuki, S Huntington, L Armijo, W Sha, D Cortes, ...
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Multiple models for Rosaceae genomics
V Shulaev, SS Korban, B Sosinski, AG Abbott, HS Aldwinckle, KM Folta, ...
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Is salicylic acid a translocated signal of systemic acquired resistance in tobacco?
V Shulaev, J León, I Raskin
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Temporal-spatial interaction between reactive oxygen species and abscisic acid regulates rapid systemic acclimation in plants
N Suzuki, G Miller, C Salazar, HA Mondal, E Shulaev, DF Cortes, ...
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Endogenous methyl salicylate in pathogen-inoculated tobacco plants
M Seskar, V Shulaev, I Raskin
Plant physiology 116 (1), 387-392, 1998
The transcriptional co-activator MBF1c is a key regulator of thermotolerance in Arabidopsis thaliana
N Suzuki, S Bajad, J Shuman, V Shulaev, R Mittler
Journal of Biological Chemistry 283 (14), 9269-9275, 2008
Enhanced tolerance to environmental stress in transgenic plants expressing the transcriptional coactivator multiprotein bridging factor 1c
N Suzuki, L Rizhsky, H Liang, J Shuman, V Shulaev, R Mittler
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Methylation of Gibberellins by Arabidopsis GAMT1 and GAMT2
M Varbanova, S Yamaguchi, Y Yang, K McKelvey, A Hanada, R Borochov, ...
The Plant Cell 19 (1), 32-45, 2007
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