Chiara Botta
Chiara Botta
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Cu (I) hybrid inorganic–organic materials with intriguing stimuli responsive and optoelectronic properties
E Cariati, E Lucenti, C Botta, U Giovanella, D Marinotto, S Righetto
Coordination Chemistry Reviews 306, 566-614, 2016
Design of lanthanide‐based oleds with remarkable circularly polarized electroluminescence
F Zinna, M Pasini, F Galeotti, C Botta, L Di Bari, U Giovanella
Advanced Functional Materials 27 (1), 1603719, 2017
Metal free room temperature phosphorescence from molecular self-interactions in the solid state
A Forni, E Lucenti, C Botta, E Cariati
Journal of Materials Chemistry C 6 (17), 4603-4626, 2018
H-aggregates granting crystallization-induced emissive behavior and ultralong phosphorescence from a pure organic molecule
E Lucenti, A Forni, C Botta, L Carlucci, C Giannini, D Marinotto, A Previtali, ...
The Journal of Physical Chemistry Letters 8 (8), 1894-1898, 2017
Cyclic triimidazole derivatives: intriguing examples of multiple emissions and ultralong phosphorescence at room temperature
E Lucenti, A Forni, C Botta, L Carlucci, C Giannini, D Marinotto, ...
Angewandte Chemie International Edition 56 (51), 16302-16307, 2017
A persulfurated benzene molecule exhibits outstanding phosphorescence in rigid environments: from computational study to organic nanocrystals and OLED applications
G Bergamini, A Fermi, C Botta, U Giovanella, S Di Motta, F Negri, ...
Journal of Materials Chemistry C 1 (15), 2717-2724, 2013
Electroluminescence from conjugated polymer electrospun nanofibers in solution processable organic light-emitting diodes
V Vohra, U Giovanella, R Tubino, H Murata, C Botta
ACS nano 5 (7), 5572-5578, 2011
Bismuth‐Based Coordination Polymers with Efficient Aggregation‐Induced Phosphorescence and Reversible Mechanochromic Luminescence
O Toma, M Allain, F Meinardi, A Forni, C Botta, N Mercier
Angewandte Chemie 128 (28), 8130-8134, 2016
Microlens arrays for light extraction enhancement in organic light-emitting diodes: a facile approach
F Galeotti, W Mróz, G Scavia, C Botta
Organic Electronics 14 (1), 212-218, 2013
Toward white light emission through efficient two-step energy transfer in hybrid nanofibers
V Vohra, G Calzaferri, S Destri, M Pasini, W Porzio, C Botta
ACS nano 4 (3), 1409-1416, 2010
Cyclometallated platinum (II) complexes of 1, 3-di (2-pyridyl) benzenes for solution-processable WOLEDs exploiting monomer and excimer phosphorescence
W Mróz, C Botta, U Giovanella, E Rossi, A Colombo, C Dragonetti, ...
Journal of Materials Chemistry 21 (24), 8653-8661, 2011
Perylene diimide derivatives as red and deep red-emitters for fully solution processable OLEDs
E Kozma, W Mróz, F Villafiorita-Monteleone, F Galeotti, ...
RSC advances 6 (66), 61175-61179, 2016
Precise surface patterning of silk fibroin films by breath figures
F Galeotti, A Andicsova, S Yunus, C Botta
Soft Matter 8 (17), 4815-4821, 2012
Photoinduced absorption of polymer solutions
C Botta, S Luzzati, R Tubino, DDC Bradley, RH Friend
Physical Review B 48 (20), 14809, 1993
Perfluorinated polymer with unexpectedly efficient deep blue electroluminescence for full-colour OLED displays and light therapy applications
U Giovanella, C Botta, F Galeotti, B Vercelli, S Battiato, M Pasini
Journal of Materials Chemistry C 1 (34), 5322-5329, 2013
A route to self‐organized honeycomb microstructured polystyrene films and their chemical characterization by ToF‐SIMS imaging
S Yunus, A Delcorte, C Poleunis, P Bertrand, A Bolognesi, C Botta
Advanced Functional Materials 17 (7), 1079-1084, 2007
Electroluminescent poly (fluorene-co-thiophene-S, S-dioxide): Synthesis, characterisation and structure–property relationships
M Pasini, S Destri, W Porzio, C Botta, U Giovanella
Journal of Materials Chemistry 13 (4), 807-813, 2003
Highly emissive nanostructured thin films of organic host–guests for energy conversion
J Moreau, U Giovanella, JP Bombenger, W Porzio, V Vohra, L Spadacini, ...
ChemPhysChem 10 (4), 647-653, 2009
Synthesis and optical properties of soluble sexithiophenes with one central head-to-head junction
G Sotgiu, M Zambianchi, G Barbarella, C Botta
Tetrahedron 58 (11), 2245-2251, 2002
Polymorphism-dependent aggregation induced emission of a push–pull dye and its multi-stimuli responsive behavior
C Botta, S Benedini, L Carlucci, A Forni, D Marinotto, A Nitti, D Pasini, ...
Journal of Materials Chemistry C 4 (14), 2979-2989, 2016
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