Alberto Guardone
Alberto Guardone
Professor of Fluid Mechanics, Politecnico di Milano
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Multiparameter equations of state for selected siloxanes
P Colonna, NR Nannan, A Guardone, EW Lemmon
Fluid Phase Equilibria 244 (2), 193-211, 2006
Real-gas effects in organic Rankine cycle turbine nozzles
P Colonna, J Harinck, S Rebay, A Guardone
Journal of Propulsion and Power 24 (2), 282-294, 2008
Design and analysis of new concept fast-response pressure probes
G Persico, P Gaetani, A Guardone
Measurement Science and Technology 16 (9), 1741, 2005
Multiparameter equations of state for siloxanes:[(CH3) 3-Si-O1/2] 2-[O-Si-(CH3) 2] i= 1,…, 3, and [O-Si-(CH3) 2] 6
P Colonna, NR Nannan, A Guardone
Fluid Phase Equilibria 263 (2), 115-130, 2008
Molecular interpretation of nonclassical gas dynamics of dense vapors under the van der Waals model
P Colonna, A Guardone
Physics of Fluids 18 (5), 056101, 2006
Siloxanes: a new class of candidate Bethe-Zel’dovich-Thompson fluids
P Colonna, A Guardone, NR Nannan
Physics of Fluids 19 (8), 086102, 2007
Solution of the Riemann problem of classical gasdynamics
L Quartapelle, L Castelletti, A Guardone, G Quaranta
Journal of Computational Physics 190 (1), 118-140, 2003
Influence of molecular complexity on nozzle design for an organic vapor wind tunnel
A Guardone, A Spinelli, V Dossena
Journal of engineering for gas turbines and power 135 (4), 2013
The influence of molecular complexity on expanding flows of ideal and dense gases
J Harinck, A Guardone, P Colonna
Physics of fluids 21 (8), 086101, 2009
Real-gas effects in ORC turbine flow simulations: influence of thermodynamic models on flow fields and performance parameters
P Colonna, S Rebay, J Harinck, A Guardone
ECCOMAS CFD 2006 Conference, Egmond aan Zee, NL, 2006
Extension of the su2 open source cfd code to the simulation of turbulent flows of fuids modelled with complex thermophysical laws
S Vitale, G Gori, M Pini, A Guardone, TD Economon, F Palacios, ...
22nd AIAA Computational Fluid Dynamics Conference, 2760, 2015
Roe linearization for the van der Waals gas
A Guardone, L Vigevano
Journal of Computational Physics 175 (1), 50-78, 2002
Influence of thermodynamic models in two-dimensional flow simulations of turboexpanders
J Harinck, P Colonna, A Guardone, S Rebay
Dynamic calibration of fast-response probes in low-pressure shock tubes
G Persico, P Gaetani, A Guardone
Measurement Science and Technology 16 (9), 1751, 2005
Arbitrary Lagrangian Eulerian formulation for two-dimensional flows using dynamic meshes with edge swapping
A Guardone, D Isola, G Quaranta
Journal of Computational Physics 230 (20), 7706-7722, 2011
Hybrid grid generation for two-dimensional high-Reynolds flows
D Dussin, M Fossati, A Guardone, L Vigevano
Computers & fluids 38 (10), 1863-1875, 2009
Assessment of thermodynamic models for dense gas dynamics
A Guardone, L Vigevano, BM Argrow
Physics of Fluids 16 (11), 3878-3887, 2004
Nonclassical gasdynamic region of selected fluorocarbons
A Guardone, BM Argrow
Physics of Fluids 17 (11), 116102, 2005
Admissibility region for rarefaction shock waves in dense gases
C Zamfirescu, A Guardone, P Colonna
Journal of Fluid Mechanics 599, 363-381, 2008
PoliMIce: A simulation framework for three-dimensional ice accretion
G Gori, M Zocca, M Garabelli, A Guardone, G Quaranta
Applied Mathematics and Computation 267, 96-107, 2015
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