Lamberto Zollo
Lamberto Zollo
Associate Professor, University of Milan
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Big data analytics capabilities and performance: Evidence from a moderated multi-mediation model
R Rialti, L Zollo, A Ferraris, I Alon
Technological Forecasting and Social Change 149, 119781, 2019
Unpacking the relationship between social media marketing and brand equity: The mediating role of consumers’ benefits and experience
L Zollo, R Filieri, R Rialti, S Yoon
Journal of Business research 117, 256-267, 2020
Exploring the antecedents of brand loyalty and electronic word of mouth in social-media-based brand communities: do gender differences matter?
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M Faraoni, R Rialti, L Zollo, AC Pellicelli
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Ethical consumption and consumers’ decision making: the role of moral intuition
L Zollo, S Yoon, R Rialti, C Ciappei
Management Decision, 2018
Factors affecting universities’ ability to foster students’ entrepreneurial behaviour: An empirical investigation
L Zollo, MC Laudano, C Ciappei, V Zampi
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What Sparks Ethical Decision Making? The Interplay Between Moral Intuition and Moral Reasoning: Lessons from the Scholastic Doctrine
L Zollo, M Pellegrini, C Ciappei
Journal of Business Ethics, 1-20, 2016
From governance to organizational effectiveness: the role of organizational identity and volunteers’ commitment
L Zollo, MC Laudano, A Boccardi, C Ciappei
Journal of Management and Governance 23 (1), 111-137, 2019
Sustainable consumption in organic food buying behavior: the case of quinoa
C Nosi, L Zollo, R Rialti, C Ciappei
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Is internal CSR really less impactful in individualist and masculine Cultures? A multilevel approach
D Jamali, G Samara, L Zollo, C Ciappei
Management Decision, 2019
The consumers’ emotional dog learns to persuade its rational tail: Toward a social intuitionist framework of ethical consumption
L Zollo
Journal of Business Ethics 168 (2), 295-313, 2021
Co-creation experiences in social media brand communities: analyzing the main types of co-created experiences
R Rialti, A Caliandro, L Zollo, C Ciappei
Spanish Journal of Marketing-ESIC, 2018
Reciprocity and gift-giving logic in NPOs
L Zollo, G Faldetta, MM Pellegrini, C Ciappei
Journal of Managerial Psychology, 2017
Entrepreneurial universities and women entrepreneurship: a cross-cultural study
MC Laudano, L Zollo, C Ciappei, V Zampi
Management Decision, 2018
Bricolage and Social Entrepreneurship to Address Emergent Social Needs: A'Deconstructionist'Perspective
L Zollo, R Rialti, C Ciappei, A Boccardi
How do museums foster loyalty in tech-savvy visitors? The role of social media and digital experience
L Zollo, R Rialti, A Marrucci, C Ciappei
Current Issues in Tourism 25 (18), 2991-3008, 2022
What influences consumers’ intention to purchase organic personal care products? The role of social reassurance
L Zollo, R Carranza, M Faraoni, E Díaz, D Martín-Consuegra
Journal of Retailing and Consumer Services 60, 102432, 2021
Social media strategies to protect brand image and corporate reputation in the digital era: a digital investigation of the Eni vs: report case
R Rialti, L Zollo, A Caliandro, C Ciappei
Social media strategies to protect brand image and corporate reputation in …, 2016
Additive manufacturing in SMEs: empirical evidences from Italy
G Marzi, L Zollo, A Boccardi, C Ciappei
International Journal of Innovation and Technology Management 15 (01), 1850007, 2018
Gli effetti della Stampa 3D sulla competitivita aziendale. Il caso delle imprese orafe del distretto di Arezzo
L Zollo, G Marzi, A Boccardi, C Ciappei
Piccola Impresa/Small Business, 2016
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