Virginie Ehrlacher
Virginie Ehrlacher
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Data mined ionic substitutions for the discovery of new compounds
G Hautier, C Fischer, V Ehrlacher, A Jain, G Ceder
Inorganic chemistry 50 (2), 656-663, 2011
Convergence of a greedy algorithm for high-dimensional convex nonlinear problems
E Cances, V Ehrlacher, T Lelievre
Mathematical Models and Methods in Applied Sciences 21 (12), 2433-2467, 2011
Analysis of boundary conditions for crystal defect atomistic simulations
V Ehrlacher, C Ortner, AV Shapeev
Archive for Rational Mechanics and Analysis 222, 1217-1268, 2016
Nonlinear model reduction on metric spaces. Application to one-dimensional conservative PDEs in Wasserstein spaces
V Ehrlacher, D Lombardi, O Mula, FX Vialard
ESAIM: Mathematical Modelling and Numerical Analysis 54 (6), 2159-2197, 2020
Periodic Schrödinger operators with local defects and spectral pollution
E Cances, V Ehrlacher, Y Maday
SIAM Journal on Numerical Analysis 50 (6), 3016-3035, 2012
A dynamical adaptive tensor method for the Vlasov–Poisson system
V Ehrlacher, D Lombardi
Journal of Computational Physics 339, 285-306, 2017
Greedy algorithms for high-dimensional non-symmetric linear problems
E Cances, V Ehrlacher, T Lelievre
ESAIM: Proceedings 41, 95-131, 2013
Cross-diffusion systems with non-zero flux and moving boundary conditions
A Bakhta, V Ehrlacher
ESAIM: Mathematical Modelling and Numerical Analysis 52 (4), 1385-1415, 2018
Local defects are always neutral in the Thomas–Fermi–von Weiszäcker theory of crystals
E Cancès, V Ehrlacher
Archive for rational mechanics and analysis 202, 933-973, 2011
Approximation of optimal transport problems with marginal moments constraints
A Alfonsi, R Coyaud, V Ehrlacher, D Lombardi
Mathematics of Computation 90 (328), 689-737, 2021
A reduced basis method for parametrized variational inequalities applied to contact mechanics
A Benaceur, A Ern, V Ehrlacher
International Journal for Numerical Methods in Engineering 121 (6), 1170-1197, 2020
Greedy algorithms for high-dimensional eigenvalue problems
E Cancès, V Ehrlacher, T Lelièvre
Constructive Approximation 40, 387-423, 2014
Adaptive hierarchical subtensor partitioning for tensor compression
V Ehrlacher, L Grigori, D Lombardi, H Song
SIAM Journal on Scientific Computing 43 (1), A139-A163, 2021
Numerical quadrature in the Brillouin zone for periodic Schrödinger operators
É Cancès, V Ehrlacher, D Gontier, A Levitt, D Lombardi
Numerische Mathematik 144, 479-526, 2020
An embedded corrector problem to approximate the homogenized coefficients of an elliptic equation
E Cances, V Ehrlacher, F Legoll, B Stamm
Comptes Rendus Mathematique 353 (9), 801-806, 2015
A progressive reduced basis/empirical interpolation method for nonlinear parabolic problems
A Benaceur, V Ehrlacher, A Ern, S Meunier
SIAM Journal on Scientific Computing 40 (5), A2930-A2955, 2018
Uniqueness of strong solutions and weak–strong stability in a system of cross-diffusion equations
J Berendsen, M Burger, V Ehrlacher, JF Pietschmann
Journal of Evolution Equations 20, 459-483, 2020
Constrained overdamped Langevin dynamics for symmetric multimarginal optimal transportation
A Alfonsi, R Coyaud, V Ehrlacher
Mathematical models and methods in applied sciences 32 (03), 403-455, 2022
Low-rank approximation of linear parabolic equations by space-time tensor Galerkin methods
T Boiveau, V Ehrlacher, A Ern, A Nouy
ESAIM: Mathematical Modelling and Numerical Analysis 53 (2), 635-658, 2019
An embedded corrector problem for homogenization. Part II: Algorithms and discretization
E Cancès, V Ehrlacher, F Legoll, B Stamm, S Xiang
Journal of Computational Physics 407, 109254, 2020
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