Benjamin Becker, PhD
Benjamin Becker, PhD
The University of Hong Kong, State Key Lab of Brain and Cognitive Science; Department of Psychology
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Oxytocin enhances brain reward system responses in men viewing the face of their female partner
D Scheele, A Wille, KM Kendrick, B Stoffel-Wagner, B Becker, ...
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Oxytocin facilitates the extinction of conditioned fear in humans
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The multipurpose application WeChat: a review on recent research
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Measurement and conceptualization of Gaming Disorder according to the World Health Organization framework: The development of the Gaming Disorder Test
HM Pontes, B Schivinski, C Sindermann, M Li, B Becker, M Zhou, ...
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The role of empathy and life satisfaction in internet and smartphone use disorder
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Fear processing and social networking in the absence of a functional amygdala
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Advances in the field of intranasal oxytocin research: lessons learned and future directions for clinical research
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Oxytocin, the peptide that bonds the sexes also divides them
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The impact of early-onset cannabis use on functional brain correlates of working memory
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Oxytocin enhances attractiveness of unfamiliar female faces independent of the dopamine reward system
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Overview of human oxytocin research
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A distributed fMRI-based signature for the subjective experience of fear
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Internet communication disorder and the structure of the human brain: Initial insights on WeChat addiction
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Correspondent Functional Topography of the Human Left Inferior Parietal Lobule at Rest and Under Task Revealed Using Resting‐State f MRI and Coactivation Based Parcellation
J Wang, S Xie, X Guo, B Becker, PT Fox, SB Eickhoff, T Jiang
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An affective neuroscience framework for the molecular study of Internet addiction
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Electroconvulsive therapy selectively enhanced feedforward connectivity from fusiform face area to amygdala in major depressive disorder
J Wang, Q Wei, T Bai, X Zhou, H Sun, B Becker, Y Tian, K Wang, ...
Social cognitive and affective neuroscience 12 (12), 1983-1992, 2017
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