Pavel Beňo
Pavel Beňo
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Optimization of thin-walled constructions in CAE system ANSYS
P Beňo, D Kozak, P Konjatić
Technical Gazette 21 (5), 1051-1055, 2014
Coating surface roughness measurement made on coining dies
T Hanes, P Hvizdoš, M Ťavodová, D Kalincová, J Hricová, P Beňo
Manufacturing technology: journal for science, research and production 14 …, 2014
The friction factor dependence on the load and revolutions in sliding bearings without relubrication
P Beňo, J Marienčík, J Turis, D Kozak, P Konjatić
Tehnički vjesnik 23 (4), 997-1001, 2016
Determination of Critical Load in a Nonuniform Circular Steel Column under the Eccentric Axial Load
S Kotšmíd, CH Kuo, P Beňo
Mathematical Problems in Engineering 2016, 2016
Buckling loads for steel tube with flattened ends
S Kotšmíd, CH Kuo, P Beňo
Archive of Applied Mechanics 87 (6), 949-960, 2017
The tribological characteristics of the sliding bearing
J Marienčík, J Turis, P Beňo
International journal of interdisciplinarity in theory and practice, 90-93, 2013
Study of Cutting Tool Durability at a Short-Term Discontinuous Turning Test
P Pastucha, V Majstorovic, M Kučera, P Beno, S Krile
Advances in Manufacturing Engineering and Materials, 493-501, 2019
Investigating the influence of design factors on noise and vibrations in the case of chainsaws for forestry work
J Kováč, J Krilek, M Dado, P Beňo
FME Transactions 46 (4), 513-519, 2018
The analysis of the new conception transportation cableway system based on the tractor equipment
P Beňo, J Krilek, J Kováč, D Kozak, C Fragassa
FME Transactions 46 (1), 17-22, 2018
Analysis of the causes of distortion castings after heat treatment
D Kalincová, M Ťavodová, H Čierna, P Beňo
Acta Metallurgica Slovaca 23 (2), 182-192, 2017
Effect of a tube flattening on the value of critical buckling force
S Kotšmid, P BEŇO, D Kozak
Proceedings of the 8th International Congress of Croatian Society of …, 2015
University network with Remlabnet and communication among individual datacenters
P Beňo, F Schauer, K Vlcek
Varna, Bulgaria: IEEE Computer Society's Conference Publishing Services, 2014
Determination of buckling loads for wooden beams using the elastic models
S Kotšmíd, P Beňo
Archive of Applied Mechanics 89 (8), 1501-1512, 2019
The optimal tribotechnical factors in the design of machines–environmental element in the production systems
J Turis, P Beňo, W Biały
Management Systems in Production Engineering, 2018
An approximation of deflection line function at the rod loaded by buckling under self-weight
Ž Rosandić, S Kotšmíd, P Beňo, M Minárik
Tehnički vjesnik 23 (2), 555-559, 2016
Influence of Boundary Conditions on the Solution to a Mathematical Model for a Given Wooden Plate
F Bodnár, P Beňo, S Kotšmíd, J Luptáková
BioResources 11 (1), 1061-1070, 2016
Methodology for the computation of critical buckling force at steel tubes with flattened ends
S Kotšmíd, P Beňo, D Kozak, G Królczyk
Proceedings of the 7th International Scientific and Expert Conference, 107-109, 2015
Influence of geometry of pressure vessel nozzle connection on stress concentration factor
P Konjatić, F Šakić, D Kozak
6th International Scientific and Expert Conference of the International TEAM …, 2014
Study of Cutting Tool Durability at a Short-Term Discontinuous Turning Test
P Beno, S Krile
Advances in Manufacturing Engineering and Materials: Proceedings of the …, 2018
Numerical analysis of local and global buckling of a stiffened beam-column
N Toumi, T Maneski, T Aburuga, B Nestorovic, D Kozak, P Beno
Tehnički vjesnik 24 (4), 1221-1226, 2017
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