Leonid Freidovich
Leonid Freidovich
Department of Applied Physics and Electronics, Umeå University
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Performance recovery of feedback-linearization-based designs
LB Freidovich, HK Khalil
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LuGre-model-based friction compensation
L Freidovich, A Robertsson, A Shiriaev, R Johansson
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Transverse linearization for controlled mechanical systems with several passive degrees of freedom
AS Shiriaev, LB Freidovich, SV Gusev
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Can we make a robot ballerina perform a pirouette? Orbital stabilization of periodic motions of underactuated mechanical systems
AS Shiriaev, LB Freidovich, IR Manchester
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Increasing the level of automation in the forestry logging process with crane trajectory planning and control
D Ortiz Morales, S Westerberg, PX La Hera, U Mettin, L Freidovich, ...
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Parallel elastic actuators as a control tool for preplanned trajectories of underactuated mechanical systems
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PX La Hera, LB Freidovich, AS Shiriaev, U Mettin
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Transverse linearization for impulsive mechanical systems with one passive link
AS Shiriaev, LB Freidovich
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Controlled Invariants and Trajectory Planning for Underactuated Mechanical Systems
AS Shiriaev, LB Freidovich, MW Spong
Partial-energy-shaping control for orbital stabilization of high frequency oscillations of the Furuta pendulum
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Stability analysis and control design for an underactuated walking robot via computation of a transverse linearization
L Freidovich, A Shiriaev, I Manchester
17th IFAC World Congress, Seoul, Korea, 10166-10171, 2008
Robust feedback linearization using extended high-gain observers
LB Freidovich, HK Khalil
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Stable walking gaits for a three-link planar biped robot with one actuator
PXM La Hera, AS Shiriaev, LB Freidovich, U Mettin, SV Gusev
IEEE Transactions on Robotics 29 (3), 589-601, 2013
Case study in non-prehensile manipulation: planning and orbital stabilization of one-directional rollings for the “Butterfly” robot
M Surov, A Shiriaev, L Freidovich, S Gusev, L Paramonov
2015 IEEE international conference on Robotics and Automation (ICRA), 1484-1489, 2015
Adaptive compensation of disturbances formed as sums of sinusoidal signals with application to an active vibration control benchmark
S Aranovskiy, LB Freidovich
European Journal of Control 19 (4), 253-265, 2013
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