Samantha CW Chan 陳春慧
Samantha CW Chan 陳春慧
Empa Swiss Federal Laboratories for materials science and technology
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The effects of dynamic loading on the intervertebral disc
SCW Chan, SJ Ferguson, B Gantenbein-Ritter
European spine journal 20, 1796-1812, 2011
Intervertebral disc regeneration or repair with biomaterials and stem cell therapy–feasible or fiction?
SCW Chan, B Gantenbein-Ritter
Swiss medical weekly 142 (2122), w13598-w13598, 2012
Outcome assessment of bracing in adolescent idiopathic scoliosis by the use of the SRS-22 questionnaire
KMC Cheung, EYL Cheng, SCW Chan, KWK Yeung, KDK Luk
International orthopaedics 31, 507-511, 2007
Organ culture bioreactors–platforms to study human intervertebral disc degeneration and regenerative therapy
B Gantenbein, S Illien-Jünger, S CW Chan, J Walser, L Haglund, ...
Current stem cell research & therapy 10 (4), 339-352, 2015
Surface mechanical properties, corrosion resistance, and cytocompatibility of nitrogen plasma‐implanted nickel–titanium alloys: A comparative study with commonly used medical …
KWK Yeung, RWY Poon, PK Chu, CY Chung, XY Liu, WW Lu, D Chan, ...
Journal of Biomedical Materials Research Part A: An Official Journal of The …, 2007
Region specific response of intervertebral disc cells to complex dynamic loading: an organ culture study using a dynamic torsion-compression bioreactor
SCW Chan, J Walser, P Käppeli, MJ Shamsollahi, SJ Ferguson, ...
PloS one 8 (8), e72489, 2013
Papain-induced in vitro disc degeneration model for the study of injectable nucleus pulposus therapy
SCW Chan, A Bürki, HM Bonél, LM Benneker, B Gantenbein-Ritter
The Spine Journal 13 (3), 273-283, 2013
Activation of intervertebral disc cells by co-culture with notochordal cells, conditioned medium and hypoxia
B Gantenbein, E Calandriello, K Wuertz-Kozak, LM Benneker, MJB Keel, ...
BMC musculoskeletal disorders 15, 1-15, 2014
Biological response of the intervertebral disc to repetitive short-term cyclic torsion
SCW Chan, SJ Ferguson, K Wuertz, B Gantenbein-Ritter
Spine 36 (24), 2021-2030, 2011
Angiopoietin-1 receptor Tie2 distinguishes multipotent differentiation capability in bovine coccygeal nucleus pulposus cells
A Tekari, SCW Chan, D Sakai, S Grad, B Gantenbein
Stem cell research & therapy 7, 1-12, 2016
Preparation of Intact Bovine Tail Intervertebral Discs for Organ Culture
C Samantha CW, GR Benjamin
Journal of Visualized Experiments, 2012
Genipin-enhanced fibrin hydrogel and novel silk for intervertebral disc repair in a loaded bovine organ culture model
DA Frauchiger, RD May, E Bakirci, A Tekari, SCW Chan, M Wöltje, ...
Journal of functional biomaterials 9 (3), 40, 2018
The evolutionary importance of cell ratio between notochordal and nucleus pulposus cells: an experimental 3-D co-culture study
B Gantenbein-Ritter, SCW Chan
European spine journal 21, 819-825, 2012
Cryopreserved intervertebral disc with injected bone marrow–derived stromal cells: a feasibility study using organ culture
SCW Chan, B Gantenbein-Ritter, VYL Leung, D Chan, KMC Cheung, K Ito
The Spine Journal 10 (6), 486-496, 2010
Successful fishing for nucleus pulposus progenitor cells of the intervertebral disc across species
D Sakai, J Schol, FC Bach, A Tekari, N Sagawa, Y Nakamura, SCW Chan, ...
JOR spine 1 (2), e1018, 2018
Assessment of the matrix degenerative effects of MMP-3, ADAMTS-4, and HTRA1, injected into a bovine intervertebral disc organ culture model
T Furtwängler, SCW Chan, G Bahrenberg, PJ Richards, ...
Spine 38 (22), E1377-E1387, 2013
A papain‐induced disc degeneration model for the assessment of thermo‐reversible hydrogel–cells therapeutic approach
C Malonzo, SCW Chan, A Kabiri, D Eglin, S Grad, HM Bonel, ...
Journal of tissue engineering and regenerative medicine 9 (12), E167-E176, 2015
Confocal imaging protocols for live/dead staining in three-dimensional carriers
B Gantenbein-Ritter, CM Sprecher, S Chan, S Illien-Jünger, S Grad
Mammalian Cell Viability: Methods and Protocols, 127-140, 2011
Osteogenic differentiation of bone marrow stromal cells is hindered by the presence of intervertebral disc cells
SCW Chan, A Tekari, LM Benneker, PF Heini, B Gantenbein
Arthritis research & therapy 18 (1), 1-10, 2016
Mesenchymal stem cells and collagen patches for anterior cruciate ligament repair
B Gantenbein, N Gadhari, SCW Chan, S Kohl, SS Ahmad
World journal of stem cells 7 (2), 521, 2015
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